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Things you may want to know before coming to town...
In the past Kansas City was one of the reasons we cannot have nice things. For a better part of the last hundred years the Camarilla and the Sabbat had been fighting over this city. Often in very public and very Masquerade breaching ways. This is one of the reasons that the Blood Accord had to be signed. Now don't get me wrong in most cases these things were covered up and most of the mortals were none the wiser. The thing was it was not usually the Kindred that did the covering up.

There is a powerful group of Will Workers here in Kansas City and the task of covering up the Kindred's messes seemed to fall to them. Between that and too many innocent by standers being killed during these events led to the Will Workers giving an ultimatum. On the night of November 19, 2010 the Camarilla ambushed the local Sabbat on the Paseo Bridge and engaged them in plane sight. The Will Workers showed up end the fight by blowing up the bridge. Many died that night after that the Kindred were given three nights to get out of the center of the city and never return.

The Will Workers warded this portion of the city, When traveling the I70, I435 and I470 south of the Missouri River Kindred will find that they do not want to stop they want nothing more than to keep going and get away from this part of the city. If you go against this compulsion you really don't want to know what happens. None of us are sure of exactly what it is that happens, but we do know any that have tried have never been seen again.

The Local Camarilla Court moved north of the Missouri River. Several Major Boons were called in and the Local Independent Alliance, helped make this speedy transition. Now the Camarilla claims most of what we locals call "The Northland". With a few exceptions The Independent Alliance holds the domains that the Giovanni have held since the mid 1800's, the cities of Liberty, Claycomo and Pleasant Valley Missouri. The Local Anarch Movement was allowed the Territory of Excelsior Springs, Missouri.As for the Sabbat they quickly moved south out of the "Forbidden Area"

Following the signing of the Blood Accord in Chicago in 2012 the "Neutral Zone" was established. Anything outside of the "Forbidden Area" south of the Missouri River and north of I-70 is a no man's land, No Sect may claim it. This acts as a buffer zone between the Camarilla and the Sabbat. All agreed to forbid the use of this area. Now we all know that if you tell someone they cannot go somewhere and there will be those who try.

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