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Manhattan, Kansas: BLOOD ON THE PLAINS

“'The night is dark and full of terrors.
―George R.R. Martin

During the war between the Tower and the Sword of Caine Manhattan, KS became haven for the Sabbat, a easy staging area for attacks on the larger cities like Omaha and Kansas City. This scourge had gone on for too long and a group of Kindred, mostly of the Tower but a few others as well, took it upon themselves to end it. It was not a short battle, over three years the battle lasted. Finally as 2011 came to a close the last of the Sabbat fell or fled the city, leaving the city firmly in the Towers control. Not long ever that he Blood Accord was signed.

A few years have passed since then, but that is just moments to the immortal Kindred who now hold the city. Still recovering from war, mourning those lost and adjusting to the new life under the treaty the city is still not completely settled, its power base still rough.


  • 1995 - 1997 - After the Gulf and Bosnian War, coupled with the growing unrest in the middle East, the US Army made the decision to move the forces from Fort Riley to a base closer to the coast. The shuttering process of the base was completed in 1997, and the land was sold for civilian use.
  • 1998 - 2001 - The Tech Boom brought with it a number of new business, and the cheap land with prebuilt buildings of the retired base provided plenty of space and government incentives encouraged the growth. Coupled with the local college, which provided plenty of workers and these new businesses fed back into the college, leading the engineering and computer sciences department to grow to be some of the best in the nation. This new Silicon Valley of the midwest gave plenty of reason for people from local cities, Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha and the like, plus many others to traveled to the city swelling it’s numbers as well, as it doubled and eventually almost tripled in size, spreading to encompass Wamego and Junction City.

Manhattan stayed mostly unchanged but it grew in size, the other cities had some changes. Wamego became a haven for students with cheaper rent and they in turned gentrified the small town, coffee shops and things of the like sprung up. It became a seat for more liberal members of the community to meet and live. Junction City had always been the seedier of the cities, and it grew darker as the population grew.

  • 2002 - December 4th, under the guise of drug raids on meth labs and the like, hunters raid and wipe out the entire court of Topeka, and a small Sabbat cell that was keeping an eye on the city. Topeka was largely thought to be unassailable due to the local’s control over the city, and it sends shockwaves throughout the eastern plains.
  • 2002 - 2007 - As the Manhattan grew it drew predators, with the fall of Topeka’s court and no local Camarilla presence, the Sword of Caine turned it’s attention to Manhattan. It used the city as a base of operations for attacks against the area.
  • 2008 - 2011 - Battle for Manhattan
  • 2012 - 2017 - Resettling of the City
  • 2018
    • 2018 (April) - Lupines are routed from the city with the help of an opposing faction of Lupines.
    • 2018 (June) - Arsons started by 'allied' faction of Lupines, creating friction between Kindred Court and 'allied' faction.
    • 2018 (July) - Arsons bleed into Anarch territory. Prince al Hasim called out in public by Anarch Movement.
    • 2018 (August) - Praxis changes hands bloodlessly from Elder al Hasim to Aodhan the Druid.
      • 2018 (August) - New Elysium founded on grounds of Cico Park by Michael Drake.
      • 2018 (August) - Anarch Movement strikes out at 'allied' Lupines, igniting massive conflict and wave of new arsons by violating Prince al Hasim's treaty.
      • 2018 (August) - Former Lupine allies of the domain are routed by combined efforts of Anarch Movement, Camarilla, and the Independent Alliance.

Current Courtesies

  • Primogenature: The selection of the advisory board of Primogen remains in the hands of the Prince.
  • Checks and Balances: The duly appointed Master Harpy may choose to attend any and all meetings of the Primogen that they wish, or designate a Talon to attend in their absence.
  • Calling the Seasons: The Prince may, once per season, choose to 'Call the Seasons' which dismisses the current Primogen Council.
  • Harbingers of Gehenna: Any Caitiff wishing to be granted Acknowledgement in the Domain of Manhattan must engage in a task set forth for them by either the Prince, Seneschal, or a member of the Primogen Council willing to stand on their behalf. Completion of the task will earn them the status of Acknowledged in Manhattan, KS.
  • Holy Days: On the 8 high holidays of the year-wheel, the Prince will not hold formal court, nor will he observe business of the court, barring emergencies or the use of Prestation.
  • The Rack: All parks and establishments within a two block radius of Moro Street are designated as the Rack of Manhattan.
  • Courtesy Name: Courtesy Explanation.


Game Date & Location

2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month

Check in at 7:00pm

Game on by 7:30pm

Kansas State University

Seaton Hall room 1013

Contact Information

Venue Style Sheet

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Court of Manhattan

Prince Benjamin Drake of Clan Tremere
Seneschal Betsey Rei of Clan Toreador
Keeper of Elysium Michael Drake of Clan Ventrue
Scourge Vacant
Sheriff Vacant
Harpy Vacant

Kindred of the Area

Name Clan Sect Social Class Position Notes
Aodhan Brujah Camarilla Elder
Beechworth Malkavian Camarilla Ancilla NPC, Primogen
Benjamin Drake Tremere Camarilla Ancilla Prince
Betsey Rei Toreador Camarilla Elder NPC
Clyde Hudson Gargoyle Camarilla Ancilla
Tobias Bennett Brujah Camarilla Elder Primogen
Michael Drake Ventrue Camarilla Ancilla Keeper of Elysium
Mr. Graves Nosferatu Camarilla Ancilla NPC
Nikolai "Kolya" Zima Ventrue Camarilla Ancilla NPC
Paul Staley Malkavian Camarilla Neonate
Penny Sparrow Brujah Anarch Ancilla
Salil Rasul El-Hasem Assamite Camarilla Elder NPC, Former Prince
Sybil Moore Tremere Camarilla Ancilla NPC, Primogen
T.J. Vogelstein-Rivera Tremere Camarilla Neonate Sheriff
Zanobi di Tommaso dala Vachio Toreador Camarilla Elder Primogen
Caesar Brujah Anarch  ? Gang Leader NPC
Delilah Malkavian Anarch Neonate NPC
Jack Warrick Son of Discord Anarch Neonate
Mary Toreador Anarch Ancilla NPC
Abeni Follower of Set Alliance Elder Priestess NPC
Damián Vela Tlacique Alliance Neonate
Luca Giovanni Giovanni Alliance Elder
Marco Stefano Giovanni Giovanni Alliance Elder
Sam Follower of Set Alliance Ancilla
Aýna  ? Autarkis  ? NPC
Colyn O'Mally Gangrel Autarkis  ?
Hamramr AKA "Ham" Brujah Autarkis Ancilla

Based on code lovingly stolen from Masquerade / Domain / Boston, MA

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