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“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.””
- Denis Waitley

The Sabbat had claimed a part of the island of Martinique, they quietly built their forces. A nearby Camarilla domain was the target, they had the people gathered and the rituals done to bless their members. The call that came was not expected, all of their efforts and time were wasted. Many have left the island, seeking fights where they can still get them. What remains is those that chose to keep the island. Now, they have a new battle. War is one fight you can expect and handle, but how do you fight a battle when the foe is Peace?

Locations of Martinique

There are four main parts of the island of Martinique:

Fort-de-France: The main hub of the island. This is where most of the businesses, corporations, as well as the major harbor for the island. The Sabbat have kept tabs on this area, but mostly allow the kine to live as they will. The Camarilla was known to try to infiltrate this part of the island and try to make it a foothold for the island before they stop open hostility. The international Airport is located here, and has been treated as a mostly neutral territory to allow people to travel to and from the island.
La Trinité: A smaller part of the island, this is a noticeably less populated area but not many are sure why. Those that go in are usually able to report back with not seeing much, or what little was there seems of no concern.
Le Marin: The second biggest part of the island, this is home to one of the oldest churches on the island. Built in 1766, Église du Marin still stands and the most devoted of the Sabbat can be seen near or around it. There are rumors that somewhere is a location that was used by Sabbat in days past, and it can hold treasure and power for those that are able to find it.
Saint-Pierre: After the volcanic eruption in 1902, the Sabbat have used the destruction as a means to move and build a staging ground for their forces. There are a number of safe houses, havens, training fields, as well as places yet to be claimed. What does remain is a mixture of poverty stricken villages that are trying to make it, and some more than well off Art museums.

The main gathering of the Sabbat happens within Saint-Pierre.

The only customs and courtesies upheld currently are those of the Sabbat as a whole.


Game Date & Location

October 25th


Contact Information

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The Leadership of Martinique
Title Character Name
Archbishop Jimmy Welt
Templar Prescott
Templar Malachi
Bishop of War Paulo
Bishop of Spirituality [[Frankie|Frankie]
Bishop of Information Shae
Bishop of Security Hannah
Bishop of Resources Skye
The Packs of Martinique
Title Character Name
Ductus of Non Nobius Solemn Aaron Knight Priest of Non Nobius Solemn Judge Inquisitor William Carver
Ductus of Noctis Aeternae Ammon Priest of Noctis Aeternae Charlotte
Ductus of Carpe Noctum Alida Priest of Carpe Noctum Prescott Grimaldi
Ductus of Nightwatch Chet Priest of Nightwatch Morgan Evans
The Cainites of Martinique
Title Character Name
Knight Inquisitor Bill Carver
Branded The Flayed Man
Branded Spectre
Bishop of Security Hannah Phillips
Kain Lazarus
Ivan White
Keeper of the Drugs Aaron Knight
Technowizard Extraordinaire Judge Inquisitor Lailah Jennings
Revenant Mayet
False Sabbat Max