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“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

After a long history of struggle, the Anarch Movement has finally secured and established a hold in the city of Nassau. Meanwhile, the Giovanni and Followers of Set (now the Independent Alliance) have continued to have a firm hold on the city of Freeport since 1955. After the Treaty of Rock Sound in 2014, the vampires and Garou have each laid down arms in an agreement to end conflict as long as each side does not overstep their bounds. With no known threats to Nassau outside of hunters, citizens have the ability to reflect on where they have come, and where they will go as a collective or as individuals, to improve themselves or to help improve the community, both mortal and kindred while avoiding the ire of the hunters.

Territories of the Bahamas

The Bahamas are known for their scenic beauty and year-round tropical weather with many saying that it is paradise with 85% of the population is mostly made up of Africans in addition to Asian, European, and Hispanic populations. Nassau and Freeport have become island jewels to which tourists flock.

Nassau - Anarch Movement - A large city taking up New Providence Island and contains 70% of the island’s population. The main part of the city is densely populated. Outside the popular tourist areas, poverty and crime is evident. The island is highly reliant on tourism for income.
Freeport - Independent Alliance - A city full of life - part of the Grand Bahama Island, which is divided into West Grand Bahamas and East Grand Bahamas. The West side is comprised of hotels and marinas dedicated to tourism, while the East Grand Bahamas is dedicated more to industry and factory work and has a lower income population and is more susceptible to crime.
Andros Island - Garou - As the biggest island of The Bahamas, located to the west of Nassau, it is the home of the Garou. It consists of two national parks of The Bahamas which are under their protection.
Great Abaco - Independent Alliance - The island is located east of The Grand Bahamas and is divided into North, Central, and South Abaco. North Abaco is known for its warehouses for exports and imports via shipping. It is also known for oil refining of polystyrene products. Central Abaco is known for its resorts and harbors that are away from the busy tourist islands accessible from cruise ships. It also has a very small airport that can be accessed from private planes rides rented from the international airports. South Abaco is known for its beaches and its snorkeling opportunities.
Eletheria/Current Island - This is the island located south of the Great Abaco and east of Nassau. This island was used for the meeting between the Independent Alliance, Anarchs, and Garou for the meeting of the treaty.
Cat Island - Located to the south west of Current Island, the island is known for its fishing industry. Many on the island make a living by fishing, and catching seafood such as lobster and crab.
Long Island - This is a chain of islands located to the southwest of Cat Island. The chain is known for its prime real estate and extravagant private homes, and private islands. It is also known for its fine dining and marinas for yachts. There are many resorts on the island for private getaways. It also has its own international airport on its northern island chain.
Crooked Island - Located to the southeast of Long Island, is known for its rum and salt production. The people in the region rely on the industry and the population struggles with poverty.

Laws of the Bahamas

There are various local laws and courtesies of which to be aware.


It is the law via the Treaty of Rock Sound(2014) that all Kindred are forbidden from going to Andros Island, which is Garou territory. Those that do go forfeit their lives and the protections of both the Baron and the Doyen(s). It is also forbidden for a kindred to lay a hand on a Garou unless it is in self defense.

Also, it is by law that kindred do not partake in actions that in anyway harm the mortal population. Those that do will be sentenced to the appropriate consequences levied by the respective government.

History of the Bahamas

During its history, The Bahamas has been a home for piracy. Before gaining its independence, The Bahamas was a site of contest between the Spanish and the British. Recently, Anarchs have maintained a strong hold on Nassau since 2015. The citizens have continued to try to repair the damage that has been done to both the kindred and mortal population.

492: Christopher Columbus discovers The Bahamas.
1550-1630: Piracy is common in the islands.
1670: Nassau is established, having formerly been known as Charlestown.
1706-1718: Republic of Piracy was established. During the Golden Age of Piracy, Anarchs established control over Nassau led by Baron Matthias Dubois of Clan Brujah.
1720: British control of The Bahamas reestablished. Camarilla make their way to The Bahamas, seeking control over the city. For two years the war between the factions presses on until Prince Abelone De Vries of Clan Ventrue establishes control, pushing the Anarchs out of Nassau.
1750: Anarchs gather to war with the Camarilla over Nassau, but are outnumbered and forced to flee.
1769-1773: Anarchs work in secret to try to undermine the Camarilla holds through influence of the mortal world.
1782: British colony of Nassau surrenders to Spain during the Anglo-Spanish war. Hunters make an appearance in The Bahamas.
1800: Sabbat enter Nassau and attack, causing damage and destruction. This weakens the number of Camarilla in the city and brings the Hunters to take the opportunity to pick off most of those that are left. The Camarilla flee from Nassau.
1807: The Bahamas is used as a safe port for slaves. Anarchs as well as the Giovanni and Followers of Set flee to The Bahamas in search of freedom from the Camarilla strongholds within the United States and Europe, with some moving further south to the other islands.
1812: The Giovanni, Followers of Set and Anarchs war against each other over control in The Grand Bahamas.
1816: The three parties divide the Grand Bahama, with the Anarchs taking the west part of the island as they outnumber the Giovanni and Followers of the Set, and the Giovanni and Followers of Set taking the east side of the island.
1824: Some Kindred leave The Grand Bahamas and search out the other islands to stake claim and territory. The Kindred run into Garou and fight with them over control of the islands.
1898: The Bahamas opens it’s doors for tourism, drawing visitors from The United States and Europe.
1919: Prohibition in the United States fuels tourism in The Bahamas. Spanish influenza sweeps through The Bahamas, killing tens of thousands throughout the island, especially on The Grand Bahamas. Kindred are forced south in order to find sufficient food. Conflict with the Garou increases once more. Garou take Nassau.
1955: The Giovanni and Followers of Set established a strong hold over the city of Freeport. They have held the city ever since. It became the center of their government once the Independent Alliance was formed in 2011.
1958: Anarchs are pushed south and settle once more in Nassau, ruled by Baron Juan Pedro de Castilla of Clan Gangrel.
1969: Baron Juan Pedro de Castilla is assassinated and Baron Morríghan Walsh of Clan Toreador takes over the city.
2008: The Sabbat attack Nassau, causing a devastating blow to both kindred and mortals. Kindred band together in order to defeat the Sabbat. Many lives are lost in the battle, thinning out the Anarch numbers on the island. Due to the event, hunter’s attention is drawn to the island forcing the Anarchs to leave the island in order to escape death. They escape to safety and settle on the surrounding islands around New Providence.
2011: The Giovanni and the Followers of Set of Freeport band together to create the Independent Alliance Sect.
2012: Anarchs return to the New Providence Island and tries to resettle the island, but are met with resistance with the Garou. For two years Garou and Kindred attack each other for control of Nassau. This brings in an influx of hunters.
2013: Romano Giovanni becomes Doyen of the Bahamas.
2014: In order to stop the two year war and lesson the hunter threat, the three parties sign the Treaty of Rock Sound, which designates specific areas for the Garou and Vampires. The Independent Alliance maintain their hold over Freeport, Anarchs gain Nassau, and Garou gain Andros Island.
2017: The Anarchs of Nassau form a new government, electing Lucy as the Ambassador, and Jaguar as Baron.

Meeting Grounds in the Bahamas

There are sacred locations within both Nassau and Freeport.

In 1958, Baron Juan Pedro de Castilla of Clan Gangrel set up a safe haven at the Nassau Library for the Anarchs to gather and has been used since. The Casino at Bahamia built and owned by Halima Innam Alabadi is used as a safe haven for Independent Alliance gatherings.

City Type: Anarch Movement / Independent Alliance established city
Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Unaligned
Sect Boundaries: Nassau, New Providence Island (Anarch)/Freeport, The Great Bahamas (Independent)
Theme: Introspection
Mood: Intrigue
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade


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THE ANARCHS OF NASSAU Charter of Nassau, Bahamas
Baron Jaguar of Clan Brujah
Constable Amelia of Clan Brujah
Architect William
Ambassador Lucy of the Followers of Set
Jedrek of Clan Gangrel
Nimrod Malkowitz of Clan Malkavian
Catherine Foxley of Clan Ventrue
Feather of Clan Gangrel, childe of Jedrek
Doyen Samantha Giovanni of Clan Giovanni
Guardian Vacant
Hatchet Cato Giovanni of Clan Giovanni
Virago Olivia Blether of the Followers of Set
Amos Bontrager of the Followers of Set
Dante Fausto Giovanni of Clan Giovanni
Vittorio Giovanni of Clan Giovanni
Kathleen Bancroft of The Followers of Set
Other Residents of the Bahamas
Chimera Unaligned Gargoyle

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