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Carnivále on the Cane

Da Canali.JPG

The Independent Alliance:

Members Clan Titles Status (Beyond Accepted)
Don Augustino da Canali di Giovanni Giovanni Doyen 3: Authority, Commander, Celebrated
Ray Puttanesca Giovanni 0:
Capo Thomas da Canali di Giovanni Giovanni Virago 3: Prominent, Venerated, Cerberus


The Anarch Movement:

Members Clan Titles Status (Beyond Committed)
Nicholas da Costa Brujah 2: Connected, Honorable
The Red Queen Daughter of Cacophony Ambassador of Natchitoches 2: Established, Guardian

The Unaligned:

Members Clan
Ayla O'Shaw Ravnos
Brannon "Little Raven" Ravnos
Elric Raudulfr Gangrel
Lanette DuBois Nosferatu

Influential Coteries & Families

VSS Information and Historical Dates:

  • Domain Boundaries: Natchitoches Parish, Sabine Parish, Winn Parish, Red River Area
  • Current Control: Independence Alliance
  • Sect Boundaries: The Independence Alliance control the docks, Red River in Natchitoches, while the Anarch movement control Campti, Grand Encore, Clarence. The Camarilla own several clubs along Front street and across Cane River, while the Giovanni control several other clubs along Front Street and outside the city.

City Timeline:

  • 1714- French Troops arrive in Natchitoches, establish Ft. Saint Jean Baptiste
  • 1803-Louisiana Purchase happens
  • 1820- Kindred Barlow DeVille enters Natchitoches, begins building DeVille Plantation
  • 1821- DeVille claims praxis in the name of the Ivory Tower.
  • 1861- Civil War beings, Louisiana leaves the Union
  • 1862- DeVille assassinated, war breaks out among kindred sects in Natchitoches
  • 1864- Sabbat set the city of Natchitoches on fire, heavy damage suffered
  • 1865- Camarilla Elysium DeVille Plantation is destroyed, along with all of the Deville bloodline, Sabbat occupation begins.
  • 1880-Elder Franklin Stokes invades Sabbat held Natchitoches with a force of seasoned Ivory Tower warriors. Major battle breaks out, Sabbat are all killed.
  • 1881- Stokes seizes praxis.
  • 1900- Failed attempt on Stokes’ life leads to massive battles in Natchitoches.
  • 1930- Giovanni Thomas O’Shaw enters Natchitoches with his family.
  • 1933- O’Shaw Brothers shipping Company established
  • 1941- WWII breaks out
  • 1945-WWII Concludes
  • 1950- Stokes murdered by his clan mate Gale Lacaze, she seizes praxis.
  • 1960- Gale Lacaze opens her city to Anarchs and Independents, going against Ivory Tower SOP.
  • 1970- Gale claims praxis over Red River Parish and Sabine Parish
  • 1980- Gale officially becomes longest running Camarilla Prince in Natchitoches history
  • 1999- Gale assassinated by Sabbat pack. War breaks out among Kindred Sects.
  • 2001- Sabbat officially claim control of Natchitoches
  • 2002- Constant bombardment from the Ivory Tower pushes Sabbat to reach out to O’Shaw family for aide.
  • 2014- Sabbat betrayed by Giovanni Thomas O’Shaw. Giovanni completely destroy Sabbat in Natchitoches.
  • 2016- Natchitoches Independent Alliance established by Johnny O’Shaw, brother to Thomas

ST Information

ST Name: John S.
Domain: Natchitoches, LA
MES: LA-011-D

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