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New Orleans: House of Death and Decadence

The morning sun in New Orleans felt like it was trying to make a point, convincing the old world to believe something new.
Hunter Murphy, Imogene in New Orleans

The Big Easy, a city of lights, jazz, food and debauchery. The visage of a wonderland draws people from all over the world but it is just that, a visage. Beyond the lights, music and crawfish lies a crumbling landscape of secrets and corruption. Beyond the parades and busy traffic of Canal dark ancient magics are practiced in the shadows. Beyond the lights and allure of Bourbon Street the gangs run the streets with little opposition from the police. Beyond the city limits wild and powerful creatures prowl the bayou. Beyond the visage...are Kindred, struggling to keep hold of their power while unearthing the secrets buried within the tales of the city.

New Orleans, LA is an Independent Alliance held Domain.

  • Theme: Dark Mirror of Reality
  • Mood: Darkness and Mysticism
  • Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade


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The Independent Alliance of New Orleans
Doyen Clan Followers of Set Naqiyah Elder of the Followers of Set
Doyen Clan Giovanni Elder Arabella Rossellini
Virago Phillipe Duplessis of the Followers of Set
Guardian of the Sacred Spaces Elder Anastasia Regina Giovanni
Hatchet Drake of the Followers of Set
Minister Santino Giovanni
Minister Phillipe Duplessis of the Followers of Set
Minster Nguyen of the Followers of Set
Notable Kindred
Camarilla Liasion Elder Aaron Locke of Clan Malkavian

Followers of Set
Doyen Naqiyah
Virago Phillipe Duplessis
Hatchet Drake
Minister Nguyen
Doyen & Don
Guardian Anastasia Regina Giovanni
Stefano Gianni Giovanni
Minister Santino Giovanni
Sebastian Giovanni
Maria Giovanni
Robert Dunsirn
Luciana Pisanob
Oriana Via Giovanni (Ghoul)

Daphne Doss
Elder Aaron Locke
The Durand, Elder Unaligned Lasombra
Madame Odette, Unaligned Ravnos
Rhodes, Unaligned Daughter of Cacophony

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