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Domain of the
New River Valley


In 1700, witch trials in the Roanoke Valley culminate in the deaths of 13 and Agatha's curse on those responsible.

The New River Valley went through a subsequent quiet period. In the 1850s, Big Lick becomes a bona fide town, with railroads crossing through Roanoke daily, it became a central location for humans. With the increased trade and traffic, kindred begin to return to the valley, though elders remain wary of the curse. In 1900, with a larger group of kindred, Prince Io (NPC) officially claims Praxis of the NRV and the Camarilla presence is strengthened. Throughout the century, Prince Io expands the Cam territory, establishes feeding territories, and holds regular court. In 2005, the Red Star event begins.

In 2008, Prince Io's retainer, Eddy, kills him in a fit brought on by a Wraith attached to the Prince. Nosferatu Prince Wren Hollis claims Praxis, and continues to hold the Camarilla stronghold.

The Court

Prince: Wren Hollis
Harpy: Raphael Leopold LaCroix
Seneschal: LTC Glennwood Justis


Nosferatu: Mason Iceman
Toreador: Raphael Leopold LaCroix
Tremere: John Pagan
Ventrue: LTC Glennwood Justis


  • Gwen Wise Wolf - NPC
  • Wren Hollis
  • Mason Iceman
  • Erasmus Salt
  • John Pagan
  • Tyson (Ty) Drake
  • LTC Glennwood Justis
  • Kieran Thomas
  • Jaiden Alexandar
  • Cal - (NPC)

OOC Information

Game Schedule

(All games start at 7:00pm - come earlier to join us for Apocalypse from 1 to 5!)

  • 10/6/18 - Blacksburg, VA
  • 11/3/18 - Pulaski, VA

(Reach out to DC for more details)

Contact Information

DC: K Phillip Nelson
DST: Shawn L.
VST: James L.
Wiki Designer: John R.

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