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The Domain of New York City

“The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house”

Audre Lorde

In the tombs of granite towers the prince walks in a dream, seeking only darkness. Dysfunction and corruption carpet the cold hollow floors. Soon his reign shall end and the jackals in the shadows will feast on the bones of his empire. Once weak enemies will grow, new empires will rise and but yet the night shall continue. Who shall replace the crown, will the alliance that keeps the peace crumble. The very jewel of the Camarilla will either shine or shatter.

For three solid centuries the city had been ruled by Prince Čerik Maraslav, his court once vibrant is now in dismay and he has announced he is abandoning his post – with no reason given. It is known that the he intends to Call the Seasons at the moment of his abdication leaving every position of authority in the city open. As his power recedes Anarchs, the Independents and the Sabbat have openly moved into the city staking out pieces of his crumbling kingdom.

Camarilla Court

Prince: Leon Astorio
Seneschal: Cecil "BloodQuill"
Keeper of Elysium: Samuel Wheelock
Sheriff: Sebastian Fletcher
Scourge: Gregory Carrstock
Harpy: Crispin

Anarch Free State

Advocate: Dottie Youngblood
Architect: Hex
Constable: Moira
Ambassador: Kyle Morgan

Independent Alliance

Emissary: Ana Grace

OOC Information

Storyteller: Dan Hawthorne
VSS: War of the Ages

Denizens of the Empire City

Name Clan Status Sect Position

Abdul Nasr Assamite Elder Camarilla
Jack Rider Assamite Elder Camarilla Primogen
Macha Ruad Assamite Elder Camarilla
Stanislav Zakharov Assamite Neonate Camarilla
Alexander Scott Assamite Neonate Camarilla
Adaeze Brujah Elder Camarilla
Tyburn Brujah Elder Camarilla
Gregory Carstock Brujah Ancilla Camarilla Scourge
Sebastian Fletcher Cacophonist Neonate Camarilla Sheriff
Johnathan Wingsworth Gargoyle Ancilla Camarilla Primogen
Ezekiel Barnes Gangrel Ancilla Camarilla
Mihai Gangrel Elder Anarch
Moira Gangrel Ancilla Anarch
Hex Gangrel Neonate Anarch Architect
Jarl Huginn Gangrel Elder Unaligned
Johann Wolfgang Kaufman von Cappffenburg Lasombra Elder Anarch
Eris Black Lasombra Ancilla Anarch
Trevor Jones Lasombra Neonate Anarch
Leo Lasombra Neonate Anarch
Lavinia "Vivi" Contreras Lasombra Neonate Anarch
Susurrus Malkavian Elder Camarilla Primogen
Ren Nakagawa Malkavian Elder Camarilla
David Horonowitz Malkavian Ancilla Anarch
Luther Ambrose Malkavian Neonate Camarilla
Alexander Cassandra Malkavian Neonate Camarilla
Maestro Nosferatu Elder Camarilla
Archer Nosferatu Ancilla Camarilla
Ana Grace Setite Neonate I.A. Emissary
Oxlahun Ollin Setite Neonate I.A.
Thomasine Cary Toreador Elder Camarilla Primogen
Samuel Wheelock Toreador Ancilla Camarilla Keeper of Elysium
Jean Bayard Toreador Ancilla Camarilla
Crispin Toreador Ancilla Camarilla Harpy
Violetta Toreador Neonate Camarilla
Jack Haskell Toreador Neonate Camarilla
Kyle Morgan Toreador Neonate Anarch Ambassador
Tristan Toreador Neonate Camarilla
Torsten Tremere Elder Camarilla Primogen
Cecil "BloodQuill" Tremere Elder Camarilla Seneschal
Isidore Giere Tremere Ancilla Camarilla
Darwin Ramon y Cajal Tremere Neonate Camarilla
Oliver Francis Tremere Neonate Camarilla
Levinson Tremere Ancilla Anarch
Pau Lamarca Ventrue Elder Camarilla
Leon Astorio Ventrue Elder Camarilla Prince
Dottie Youngblood Ventrue Elder Anarch Advocate
Teri Raphael Ventrue Ancilla Anarch
Cora Greis Ventrue Ancilla Anarch
Zev Rothstein Giovanni Ancilla I.A.

As a note, only PCs are listed above.

Vampires are not known to have existed in the area that would become New York City before the arrival of European colonists.

Colonial Period

1530 - Dutch Colonist found New Amsterdam.
1545 - Colony city reaches a population over 1,000.
1550-1600 - Colony thrives and continues to grow. Leopold Walker of Clan Tremere leaves London and arrives in New Amsterdam.
1665 - New Amsterdam officially becomes New York.
1674 - Leopold Walker to become the first Prince of New York.
1681 - Čerik Maraslav the Russian Toreador arrives and sets up shop.
1685 - French Indian attack on Hudson calls for British Reinforcements. British Ventrue attempt to reassert control.
1690 - Leopold Walker through rough elements in the Colonies begins agitating the populace against British rule.
1700-1730's - British forces begin making strikes at Leopold Walker's Tremere forces. Mithras sends his childe Wilhelm Tract to reassert control over the city.
1762 - Lady Emely Bauer, or Emely, is embraced by Brujah fed up with British troops. Vincent Butler of clan Malkavian arrives as well.

American Revolution/Antebellum Period

1776 - War of Independence begins. British quickly claim New York City and it remains under British control till the end of the war. Wilhelm disposes with his rival and claims Praxis. Elder Aram Al-Seen “the postulant clog” of Clan Nosferatu arrives, as does the Ventrue Elder Easun of the Árpáds.
1776-1781 - Wilhelm declares the city a protectorate of the Domain of London and unsafe for elders. He also attacks Emely's haven.
1782 - City’s ancilla attempt to overthrow the Prince and fail.
1783 - Maraslav, sensing weakness and opportunity, slays Wilhelm Tract and claims Praxis.
1783 - Emely, Butler, Aram and Easun name themselves as city’s Primogen Council.
1785 - Sabbat numbers begin to swell outside of city. Francisco Polonia first comes to NYC.
1790 - Righteous Endeavor of clan Tzimisce is named Priscus and leads first attack on city.
1791 - In fierce battle on a burning barge in the Hudson, Emely manages to defeat, but does not slay Righteous Endeavor: siege continues.
1800 - Sabbat named D'Marco of clan Lasombra as the city's first Archbishop.
1800-1822 - Manhattan is under siege. Easun's haven is attacked and he reveals his true power and single handedly slaughters the Archbishop and his Bishops.
1823 - Easun enters torpor. Easun’s great grand childer Henry Tipple steps up as Ventrue Seneschal. His broodmate Odessa becomes Primogen.
1825 - Under the Tipple’s influence the Tammany Hall era begins.
1830 - 1895 Maraslav rules with little activity. This period is considered beginning of the golden era of Camarilla controlled New York City.

Civil War Period

1863 - Draft Riots begin. Agitated by Sabbat agents.
1865 – The Sabbat begin creating packs in the Bronx.
1865Radu Bistri of clan Tzimisce arrives in NYC.

American Golden Era

1866-1870 - The Sabbat recovers much of its loses and attempts to reclaim the city.
1871 - Sabbat attempt to recover the city but fail.
1923 - Odessa is assassinated in her Haven. Sabbat throws a fast paced and unexpected assault onto the city. Most of the city falls to the Sabbat, especially the outer boroughs. Francisco Polonia declares himself Archbishop with Radu Bistri as Bishop.
1924 - Primogen Butler is attacked by Antitribue Brujah and is driven from the city. Emely flees, Easun remains hidden in torpor, while Maraslav holds lower Manhattan for the Camarilla.
1925-1942 - City remains under control of the Sabbat. Maraslav still holds lower Manhattan.
1943-1961 - “The Dark Era”. A pitched and heated influence war begins for control of the city. Sabbat reign in almost all of the outer boroughs.

Modern Era

1962 - The Anarchs secretly meet with Maraslav on Governor’s Island and form a secret pact.
1970 - The Sabbat slays the Giovanni Don of the city. Clan Giovanni allies with Maraslav.
1971-1999 - Sabbat activities increase and in 1999 the Great Crusade pushes up the East Coast.
2000 - Righteous Endeavor leads second assault into Manhattan.
2001 - Justicars assault city and it falls completely to the Camarilla. Righteous flees.
2002 - Polonia exiled to Schenectady, NY. Radu Bistri flees to the UK.
2003 - An influx of neonates start to change the face of the city.
2004 – Maraslav begins enacting extreme laws to control new Anarchs, angering much of the city.
2005 - Emely leads revolt against Maraslav. Emely is assassinated. Revolt fails.
2007 - Due to heavy losses of neonates and ancilla combined with the erratic behavior of the Prince, Elders begin to remove themselves from the shadows and take an active role. The Age of the Jyhad begins.
2017 - Maraslav steps down as Prince. In the chaos of the praxis war, the Anarch Movement claims Brooklyn to be a Free State. Jack Rider emerges victorious from the praxis war and declares himself Prince, and promises to work with the Anarch Free State of Brooklyn to promote stability for NYC.
2018 - With the signing of the Principle Proclamation, the Free State of Brooklyn officially rejects the Convention of Thorns and Edict of Succession and becomes one of the founding members of the United Free States.
2019 - After Jack Rider is deposed by the Primogen Council, Garvin McCarthy takes on the mantle of Prince in a bloodless praxis change.
2019 - After former Scourge Brenda the Feral is taken to be seen by Prince Garvin McCarthy for crimes against the Masquerade, both vanish from the city without warning.
2019 - After Garvin McCarthy vanishes from the city, Leon Astorio takes on the mantle of Prince with full support of the Primogen council.

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