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Memento Mori

The Domain of Orange County

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Orange County was once upon a time called Alta California, and primarily owned by Mexico. Twenty one Presidios were built in an attempt to evangelize the indigenous people. It was here where the De Avila brothers made their first claims, first Pedro then Jesus. The original plan was to begin building against the race of Sabbat and Camarilla scrambling for uncontested territory. What the two brothers did not realize until it was too late was there were other Supernatural creatures lurking between the pews and pueblos - and they were here first.

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OOC Information

Interim Domain Coordinator: Christina Campbell

Venue Storyteller: Erick Quinones

Venue Style Sheet: TBD

Facebook: Black Magic Kingdom Facebook Group

Domain: Orange County CA-052

Schedule: 2nd Saturday of the Month




Archbishop: TBD
Local Packs:

  • Saturnine Sigil
  • Zero Merde

Other Residents

Name Clan Faction Pack Position
Anthony Bologna Lasombra - Zero Merde Ductus
Atlas Murphy Toreador - - None
Bertrand Douglas Kiasyd - - None
Daniel Spofford Tzimisce - - None
Daniella Redding Pander - Zero Merde Priest
Frate Gargoyle UltraConservative Druzhina Priest
Isabella Dora Marquez de Aragon - - - None
Julia Leblanc Toreador Loyalist Zero Merde Abbot
Lorenco Manuel de Aveiro Lasombra Black Hand Invictus Consul
Lucretia Brown Tzimisce - - None
Rafael de Lara Lasombra Moderate Saturnine Sigil Priest

Frequent Visitors

Name Clan Faction Pack Position Domain
Verkenner Malkavian - - None Martinique


  • TBA


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