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Lost In Time

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"When the Yellow Banks rise..."

About The City

Welcome to Owensboro Kentucky. It is next to the Ohio River and has some of the most welcoming and friendly people around. The city is safe and quiet and it is a good place to live and visit. There are just so many things to encourage people to visit. There are lots of events and festivals that occur and it is never dull. In the Spring is the Bar B Q Festival. They also host Friday after 5, a concert series that plays free music in Smothers Park one of the other amazing places to come and see. There are also lots of museums and parks. It has two golf courses and Distilleries. The Restaurants are amazing some of them known the world round, Moonlight and Old Hickory being just a couple.

The History Only Kindred Know

  • (1655) Pack of Gangrel moved into the region.
  • (1786) The Camarilla came into the area from the east and set up a stronghold
  • (1866) Sabbat attempted to take control of Owensboro by killing the Ventrue Prince. His Child took over as Prince and forced them back and into Henderson.
  • (1921) Followers of Set and Giovanni make a foothold in the area’s around Owensboro to become involved in illegal Alcohol distribution.
  • (2011) Followers of Set and Giovanni signed the Treaty of Alliance allowing each clan to have some protection and allowing an Independent Alliance.
  • (2012) The Chicago Blood Accord was signed in Chicago halting the fighting between the Sabbat and Camarilla Sects
  • (2018) Becoming a Jointly run city with Camarilla and Independent Alliance

Leadership Of The Camarilla Sector

The Primogen Council

Camarilla Members Who Reside Here

The Independent Alliance Sector

The Anarchs Who Reside Here

The Unaligned Who Reside Here

Those Seen Here

Courtesies of the Camarilla

1. Follow the Traditions:
a) The First Tradition: The Masquerade
i) Thou Shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood.
ii) I don't care what faction your lineage aligns with and what they preach, this tradition will be maintained as it has been for centuries.
b) The Second Tradition: The Domain
i) Thy domain is thy concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word in thy domain.
ii) When intentionally crossing into the personal domain of another or another clan’s domain without permission or a writ from someone of authority to issue such, you can expect to be greeted with violence and rendered into torpor. The offended clan will bring the violater to the Prince so reparations for the insult can be seen too.
c) The Third Tradition: The Progeny
i) Thou shalt sire another only with permission of thine elder. If thou createst another without thine elder's leave, both thou and thy progeny shalt be slain.
d) The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
i) Those thou create are thine own childer. Until thy progeny shall be released, thou shalt command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure.
e) The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
i) Honor one another's domain, when thou comest to a foreign city, thou shalt present thyself to the one who ruleth there. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing.
f) The Sixth Tradition: Destruction
i) Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine elder. Only the eldest among thee shall call the blood hunt.
2. The City will remain calm and the cattle will remain in the dark. It is a safe place for the Humans.
3. Respect Elysium
4. Do what must be done to keep the city and its Kindred safe, but be mindful of the traditions of your actions.
5. Outsiders will announce themselves to their Councilor or the Seneschal before arriving if possible or within the hour of arrival; failure to comply will most likely result in violance.
6. Insults to another's religion will not be tolerated. Infernalism is not a religion, it is a pack with a demon, and all demons are enemies of the Camarilla.
a) The Old Ways and Gods are not Infernalism and refering to them as Infernalism or other similar terminology will be considered an insult.
b) Due to the Blood Accords, in the event we have approved Sabbat guests, you will keep your opinions to yourself or the insults preceived will be considered a personal issue that can be addressed per the Blood Accords.
i) If there is a dispute, only the Prince will mediate the dispute.

Elysia And Courtesies in Camarilla Sector


  • The River Front
    • The Convention Center
    • The Hampton Inn & Suites: has 25 rooms on its penthouse floor that are set up for the safety of Kindred. The area is only reachable by the special elevator that is only accessible with the penthouse room keys.
    • The Holiday Inn on the River Front: has 30 rooms on its penthouse floor that are set up for the safety of Kindred. The area is only reachable by the special elevator that is only accessible with the penthouse room keys.

Elysium Rules

  • Violence of any kind is forbidden on Elysium grounds. This includes any parking areas that are directly associated with the facility.
  • No Weapons unless authorized by the Prince or Keeper.
  • No disciplines will be used adversely on people in Court. Approved powers are Animalism’s Quell the Beast, Auspex Heightened Senses & Aura Perception, Other powers will only be the ones you must use as they never turn off or they keep the Masquerade. Officers have more leeway and if you use a power in the Elysium then come to the Keeper with what and why. Some cases will be excused and the rest will be lighter punishment. If I am lied to you will not be forgiven and the punishment will be swift and extreme.
  • People are safe in Elysium (The Convention Center, The Hampton Inn & Suites, and The Holiday Inn on the River Front and the parking lot and down to the river). and unless there is an attack or they are told to leave you will treat them as Kindred. Outside of the Elysium Grounds is the Sheriff’s purview.
  • If you are asked to leave Elysium you will be safe till you leave grounds, as stated in the third bullet point. If you are banished from the city you have only as long as the Prince grants to be safe.
  • No Moon-beasts, No Wild Ones, Mortal Magic Users, and No Kindred who have tasted the Hearts Blood of another Kindred.
  • All Art and Furnishings and Staff of the Elysium, as stated in the third bullet point, will remain unharmed.
  • No hunting on Elysium Grounds, as stated in the third bullet point.
  • No Damage will occur to Elysium or its grounds, as stated in the third bullet point.
  • Keepers word is law on these grounds and is therefore allowed to punish or execute anyone in violation of said Elysium, as stated in the third bullet point.

Harpy Reports from the Camarilla

Independent Alliance Sector Rules

The elders of Clans Giovanni and Setite, for themselves and their childer, gathered together out of mutual accord, do swear and affirm the following treaty of alliance:

Territory - All territory owned by either, outside of the lands of Egypt and Venice, shall be considered shared resources, to house and shelter us each within the other, as the local populace so please.

Emissary - In all territories, each Clan shall have an Emissary to the other. These emissaries shall bear witness to significant business deals, offer advice and counsel, solve disputes, and give testimony back to their Clans.

Punishment - No Setite shall deliver Final Death to a member of the Giovanni, nor shall a Giovanni deliver Final Death to a Child of Set, without permission from the Emissary of the accused.

Protection - Each shall go to the aid of the other, in business or in combat, to defend or aggress, to the mutual benefit of both our Clans. Both Clans shall, to their utmost, protect the Alliance and its territories from mortal awareness and incursion.

Independence - Neither shall bow knee, nor join in whole nor in part, nor ally with, nor take positions within, the Sects of the Camarilla or the Sabbat. Personal alliances, boons, and individual agreements notwithstanding, none shall affect the part or the whole. No member of the Alliance shall render aid to a Giovanni or Child of Set who holds status in these Sects.

Religion - There shall be no law made within these territories that shall discriminate or limit the free exercise of all forms of worship, sacrifice, or the determination of a soul.

Accord - Finally, both parties agree to use every exertion to enforce peace and friendship between their Clans.

So done for the Followers of SET, by our eternal hands, marks and seals, in the name of SET the Guardian, SET the Jackal, and SET the Creator.

So done for all our coscas, by the bond of Omertà, in honor of Capo Crimini Augustus Jovian Giovanni.

Ratified in Las Vegas, in the desert of Mojave, this ninth day of May, 2011.

Sacred Spaces And Courtesies in Independent Alliance Sector

Proclamation of Rules

1. Any individual wishing to hold a Kindred event (read: party) needs to get the approval of/coordinate with the Guardian of the Sacred Places.

2. Absolutely no weapons are allowed in any Sacred Place (exceptions to this rule are the Guardian, Hatchet, an appointed Minister and Doyen). They will be checked at the entrances.

3. Discipline use is discouraged within the Sacred Place. If any Kindred attempts their use without prior authorization, especially in an offensive manner, they will be judged by the Guardian. If they are found to have transgressed the rules of the Sacred Place, they will be subject to punishment. If it is deemed a severe punishment is needed the offending Kindred will be held until such time that a meeting may be arranged with their superior as to which will be up to the Guardian's digression.

4. No fighting. That means by means of disciplines, physically, or if the Guardian, Emissary or Doyen believe you are dangerously escalating a situation through words... then you will be asked to leave. If you do not comply, direct action will be taken against you. The exception to this will be the fighting pit located at The Crypt and only if both parties agree. You cannot force another party to partake and if you attempt to do so by any of the afore mentioned means you will be asked to leave and refusal to comply is not an option.

5. You cannot enter a Sacred Place from other entrances nor make your own entrance. This means use of only the designated front entrance will be allowed unless given permission otherwise. Exit also will be only through the designated door.

6. The Vault is our downtown location. There will be no fighting or other actions taken here without severe repercussions. This includes feeding though we do not protect outside of our building as that is Camarilla territory your actions will be reported for potential breaches. The Crypt located outside of town is a dark club and is not recommended for those with an aversion to loud sounds, bright lights or technology. Please keep this in mind. The Crypt will follow all rules with slight variation to rule 4.

7. If the Guardian asks you to leave a Sacred Place for any reason, then you must leave or the Hatchet will be involved.

8. Ghouls are allowed into the Sacred Places so long as they are aware of the Masquerade and the nature of their masters. Ghouls must be introduced to the Guardian and must accompany their masters the only exception will be if something is to be delivered or if you must step aside for a meeting while there. Please note if your Ghoul is unaccompanied they do not hold the same rights as Kindred and it is within your best interest to keep them by your side.

9. These rules are absolute even if the Guardian is not present.

Virago Reports from the Independent Alliance Sector

  • Coming Soon

Dangers Known

  • Smith Mills - Sabbat territory
  • Mclain County - Werewolf territory
  • Cemeteries

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VST: Trina Nilson
OOC Domain: Owensboro, KY


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