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City Government

  • Archbishop: Oswulf
  • Bishop of Information: TBD
  • Bishop of War: TBD
  • Bishop of Spirituality: TBD
  • Bishop of Resources: TBD


Historical Timeline

  • 1821 - Following the departure of the Pirate Jean Lafitte, the Lasombra known as Miguel deSantos took over the area known later as Pasadena
  • April 21, 1836 - in conjunction with the Spanish fighting, the Sabbat of Pasadena successfully fought off the Camarilla Forces from the Houston area.
  • 1900 - with the Hurricane causing a mass exodus from Galveston Island to Pasadena comes Camarilla vampires in a renewed effort to overthrow deSantos and the Sabbat. War was declared and the Sabbat was victorious, keeping Pasadena to the Sword of Caine.
  • 1920 - Oil refineries began sprouting like weeds. Ventrue capitalists, seeing an easy mark, start to infest the outlying areas of Pasadena. Ventrue antitribu and Salubri warriors led the charge against the interlopers, once again cauing a rousing victory for the Sword.
  • 1963 - WIth the opening of the Johnson Space Center nearby, the Telyav family of Tremere came to quickly set up shop. Joseph Telyav rose to the occasion becoming the Bishop of Information.
  • 1965 - With the Astrodome being built came an influx of workers. deSantos and the SAbbat got them under their thumbs and made way for tunnels to be built underneath it.
  • 1970 - Steel Manufacturing in nearby Baytown causes even more workers to flow into the area, causing Herds to reach near unthinkable levels.
  • 1983 - With the Hurricane Alicia rolling into the Houston area, the Sabbat used this as a cover for attackign Houston using guerilla tactics. They were largely unsuccessful.
  • October 3, 1988 - The Phillips 66 Plant Explosion caused national attention to be leaned upon the Pasadena and Channelview area. deSantos, being of the mind of "Silence is Golden" ordered the Sabbat to lay low during the investigation.
  • 2011 - Chicago Blood Accords signed. Two packs, in disagreement with the accords, attempted to wage war on the Camarilla. The battle lasted for one week underground, with deSantos striking the final blow. A few escaped and haven't been heard from again.
  • 2015 - Mortal Hunters set up shop. The Sabbat go underground while trying to figure out how to handle this new threat.
  • 2017 - Miguel deSantos celebrates his 200th DeathDay with a gathering to be held on October 7th
  • 2017 - de Santos is deposed and extinguished for trafficking with infernal powers and ignoring a rightful monomacy for Archbishop.
  • 2017 - Elijah Drake assumes the mantle of Archbishop and is bathed by Templar Jonestown at the order of Cardinal Dadzbog
  • 2018 - Athena assumes the seat as Archbishop by peaceful agreement with Drake, and names Oswulf as her successor. Blood Bath pending.


  • VSS Boundaries: Channelview and Pasadena, TX
  • VST: Kelley McMahan
  • VST Email:
  • Domain Code: TX-061-D
  • City Type: Sabbat ONLY
  • Sect Boundaries: All of the cities of Channelview and Pasadena ONLY.
  • Theme: Struggle for Control
  • Mood: Paranoia
  • Setting: Vampire the Masquerade – Sabbat

Chronicle Teaser

"Study strategy over the years and achieve the spirit of the warrior. Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men" - Miyamoto Musashi

ST Expectations

During the tenure of the VST, they may not portray a player character within the Houston Sabbat VSS during normal game times. Furthermore, the VST may in no way use their PCs to directly (or indirectly) interact with any plots the Houston VST staff have created or are running, nor may they use their PCs to interact with player created plot, within the boundaries of the Houston Sabbat VSS.

Games are hosted the First Saturday of every month. This is subject to change, such as a game site not being available. There will also be active RP options to be done via Facetime to allow players in a pack to have dedicated VST time to talk about pack business and dedicated Downtime discussions.


The Sabbat VSS will take place IC'ly in the cities of Channel View and Pasadena, with minor areas to be determined in conjunction with the Cam/Anarch VST and the DST.


All characters must be attached to a VSS before they are allowed to play or proxy in Houston. Your character sheet on the Database is the official version of your character sheet that the storytellers will be using. Character sheets are expected to be maintained in the Database at all times. Updates to the character record in the Database should be applied within 7 days of our monthly live game. In the case of a scene extending past game times, or in between games the player is informed that they have a twenty four hour window to update their characters in the database, in the case of scenes extended past game time sheets will be collected to make sure the updates line up with what was in play.

It is the responsibility of the player to keep their character sheet in the Approvals Database current. Any actions taken against the character in Downtime will be done using the sheet available to the Storyteller in the Approvals Database. No exceptions will be made.



  • 1 Rarely present
  • 2 Sometimes present
  • 3 Often present
  • 4 Usually present
  • 5 Always present

Overall Game Emphasis

  • Physical: 2.5
  • Mental: 4
  • Social: 4
  • Action: 2
  • PC Development: 5
  • Darkness: 5
  • Drama: 4
  • Intrigue: 5
  • Manners: 4
  • Mystery: 5
  • PC Death: 2
  • Pacing: 3


- YOU ARE NOT ALONE- The Player Characters are not the only denizens of their Sect to exist in the area. The city is also populated by numerous NPCs of each Sect that have been accepted by their appropriate authority, while others are in hiding. Additionally, these NPCs are cause for word traveling very fast throughout the city. Monomacies and interPack Politics are largely talked about in Kindred Society. Things said and done publicly are likely to reach the words of PCs in this manner.

-CHANGES IN LEADERSHIP- Note: For a PC to be the head of the Sabbat in ChannelView or Pasadena, their PC *MUST* be on the Houston VSS. No exceptions will be made.

Should there be a Monomacy declared for the position of Archbishop or Bishop, that must be declared at game. This event can only take place in downtime under special circumstances decided by the VST. The Monomacy will be done expeditiously and will be resolved as quickly as humanly possible

Should the Archbishop or Bishops be removed in downtime due to Downtime actions, their replacement will not receive their Status until the night following the next live sanctioned game.

-PREGAME RITUALS- Characters must spend 1 point of Vitae to fuel rituals cast before entering game during IC Check-In. Any rituals that are pre-cast when the character enters play at a live game need to be noted on the sheet and cleared with an ST.

-HAVEN SECURITY- Characters with the Security advantage on their Haven will receive the advance warning per the rules on page 102 no matter their location at the time of the break-in (excluding another plane of existence). This warning will occur as soon as possible via a manner the storytelling staff considers consistent with the setting, i.e. by mobile phone from a security company, via retainer at the Haven with Telepathy able to contact the PC, etc.

-DOWNTIME OPPOSED CHALLENGES BETWEEN PLAYERS- In the event of challenges between two players in Downtime, the VST will gather trait pools and run the tests behind the scenes with a randomizer. Players engage in these challenges in good faith and trust in the VST.

PROXY All proxies for live games must be submitted 7 days prior to the live monthly game. The player may secure a live person, not planning on portraying their own PC for that event, and register that player with the VST prior to game at, otherwise the character will be ran by the VST. Players wishing to proxy into the domain to portray their characters outside of game (i.e. Scenes over email), may continue to portray their character without a representative. Notification of a player’s local VST will be included in all proxies.

Any incoming proxies to the Houston VSS, or outgoing proxies from the Houston VSS by may be subject to monitoring at the discretion of the VST within the borders of the VSS. These events will utilize a Google Group set up and administered by the VST, and will be added once requirements of proxy have been met.

Proxies should include as much of the following as possible, if anything is missing it will be left in the storyteller's hands. While sometimes characters die in proxies, the ST staff will take all necessary steps to attempt to secure a fair escape.

Players wishing to Proxy into the VSS must first gain approval from their local VST and the Houston VST.

1. A complete character sheet and full creation/XP log. 2. Their method of entry into the city (plane, car, Power, etc.). 3. Character’s intended physical appearance and style of dress. 4. Enumerated detail of the character's goals and how they intend to accomplish them. 5. The player/character/MES# of any other PCs the character intends to interact with. 6. Brief write-up of the character’s attitude, personality, and motivation for attending the game. 7. Brief write-up of the character’s reactions to possible situations (combat, conversation with strangers, etc.). This should be reflective of your intended goals. a. No mechanics will be employed that the player does not specify in this section. 8. Player’s Presiding/VSS Storyteller's contact information - their presiding storyteller must be included on the email thread.

Travel Risks: Temporary travel risk will be at the discretion of the VST and will be addressed during individual proxies. General travel risks will be posted on the IC forums when appropriate.

Downtime submissions: Downtime Submissions should be sent to For maximum efficiency, it should be sent in no later than the fourth Friday of the month.

Influence Actions submitted in downtime: Influence actions refresh based on the calendar month, and not from game to game, unlike downtime actions. Influence actions should be submitted with the downtime report sent in to

XP Awards: 6XP for live games Optional - up to 6XP for Online Chats during Downtime for players unable to make game. 4XP for Downtime Submissions

Generation: THere will be a minimum of a 1:4 ratio between Elders and Non-Elders (for every four Neonates or Ancilla, there can be one Elder). No exceptions will be made.

Clan Restrictions: THe VST will be very thorough on any and all applications for Rare and Unusual Clans in order to make sure that settings are being followed to the letter.