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“We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.
John Steinbeck

Prior to 1867, the native-born werewolves had a controlling interest in what would be the "Valley of the Sun". While they saw the expansion of the "white man" & the European Garou as an intrusion - it eventually calmed down and there was peace between the tribes as they concentrated less on each other and more on controlling the influx of travelers from the East and the South. In 1867 - the fledgling Town of Phoenix was founded. Even in a werewolf controlled area, there was the occasional leech who managed to survive for a few months before either being ran out or destroyed. In a word - things were peaceful from a Werewolf point of view.

This all changed in 1885s when the railroad stretched from the East to Tucson and then to newly founded City of Phoenix. Like the lice that traveled on the backs of rats in ships, ambitious Kindred left the East to make their fortune (or their Elder's fortune) out west. This was the dawn of the "Blood & Iron War", so named after the metal monstrosities that ran rails and brought Kindred & pollution to the valley. Like curious predators, Kindred began making their moves into the City of Phoenix, only to be repulsed by the established urban wolves. Manipulation, Influence & the influx of other Kindred soon became the key to winning the silent war. While there were a few instance of blood and violence on the streets - the mortal population remained largely ignorant of what was really going on.

A difficult and costly fifteen year campaign came to an end on January 1st, 1900. Whether it was battle-born wisdom or some other motivation, the wolves called for a truce. On the evening of January 1st, the wolves and their kin were given free passage to leave the City of Phoenix to hands of the Kindred and Kine. To this day, no one knows what made them change their mind.

What is known was the fight for praxis began the next day on January 2nd, 1901. Initially, representatives from each clan acted as form of Primogen Council - each vied for controlling interest over the power vacuum created by formerly held werewolf interests. Two years later on January 2nd, 1902 - the first Prince of Phoenix, Josefina Sanchez, formally took control over the Valley of the Sun.

Since then the city has repelled Sabbat invasions, each time standing stoically against the incursions and rebuffing the Sword of Caine. The first attack was harrowing, the first Prince of Phoenix stepped down after the battle had ended. The Elder Navarro D'Cruz took up the reigns of the Praxis, having led the forces of the Camarilla and some Anarchs against the attack.

Another Sabbat crusade swelled up in two-thousand and two - again the maniacal fanatics were pushed back. While Phoenix survived, the deflection of the Sabbat spelled doom for the Kindred in Flagstaff and Prescott. The enemy had a foothold nearby - the Domain knew another attack was imminent.

Fate would have other plans, however - the mass swell of Hunters that ravaged Camarilla and Sabbat alike took its toll. Prince D'Cruz would be brought low in his sleep, hunters having tracked him back to his Haven.

A new Prince stepped up, shortly after the Chicago Blood Accord was signed - open hostility was a thing of the past...

Phoenix, AZ is a Camarilla praxis with members of the Independent Alliance and Anarchs within their borders.

  • Theme: Difficult Choices within the Jihad
  • Mood: Paranoia, Greed, Suspicion
  • Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade


Game Date & Location

3rd Saturdays
7:00pm checkin, 8pm gamestart

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The Court of Phoenix
Prince Jozef Prinz of Clan Toreador
Seneschal Alwin Gerhardt of Clan Ventrue
Keeper of Elysium Johann Prinz of Clan Toreador
Scourge Silas Ramius of Clan Nosferatu
Sheriff Jack Reed of Clan Gangrel
Harpy Judith Anderson of Clan Tremere
Talon Eddie Starr of the Sons of Discord
Talon none selected

Primogen Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
Whip none selected
Elder Rumi
Elder Odette bint Rumi
Ana Isabel
Octavia Lyn
Primogen Joseph Maxwell
Whip none selected
Elder Liberty Rurik
Nicolo De Masi
Sam Middleton
Primogen Pollux Xenos
Whip Jack Reed
Elder Altari Khan
Elder Chaunce duFresne
Elder Josefina Sanchez
Chloe Carter
Tommy Righteous
Primogen Todd St. James
Whip none selected
Elder The Oracle
Constance Tarabotti
3chelon (aka Echelon)
Dr. Edmund Sloan
Occam Oleander
Primogen Elder The Conductor
Whip none selected
Bento Salt
Jerry Smith
Silas Ramius
Thomas Dinwiddy
Primogen Johann Prinz
Whip none selected
Eleanore Borgia
Francois Dauphin
Jozef Prinz
Primogen Elder Pyotr Volkov
Whip none selected
Edward Aldercroft
Judith Anderson
Kaius Drescher
Lavinia MacDonald
Primogen Elder Gunnvaldr Graysson
Whip none selected
Alwin Gerhardt
Alderic F. Hayes
Alexander Adams
Alexander Riley
Joseph Barona
Kajetan Nowak
Other Camarilla
Diego Vega, Lasombra
Eddie Starr, Son of Discord
Po, Gargoyle
Jack Stein, Gargoyle
Jal Iskander, Ravnos
Erik Cooper, Caitiff

Followers of Set
Emissary Vincent Dane
Alexander Osife
Dabria Nephthys
Don Vincent Giovanni
Elder Cristiano Gasparo di Giovanni
Ambassador James Parcell, Anarch Ventrue
Deacon Beauclair, Anarch Toreador
Sid, Anarch Brujah
Mischief, Anarch Brujah
Katherine Moreau, Unaligned Nosferatu

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