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The Eternal Domain of Raleigh, NC

(VSS Blood of the Faithful)

Welcome to Raleigh, NC in the heart of the Research Triangle. Raleigh is a blossoming metropolis that features exquisite southern cuisine, fine artisan brews, and the latest in the arts and innovative technology. You will delight in the sites, the people … … and the secrets.

Under the growing metropolis you know, is a city reawakening to the reality of life – and undeath – in the World of Darkness. Do you have the courage, the subtlety, and skill to make your way in this new world?

Visiting Raleigh

Are you planning on a visit to our city? We look forward to your stay with us. To help facilitate your stay, we have created a simple and secure way for you to reach out to us and notify us of your visit.

Contacting Your Clan’s Primogen

If you plan to visit Raleigh, please contact your clan’s Primogen Council representative. Your Primogen will advise the Prince and Seneschal of your visit and pass along any pertinent information or messages you may have ahead of your visit.

Don’t Have a Primogen?

If you are not a Clan of the Tower, or if you are a Clan of the Tower but Unaligned or Independent, and you do not have a sponsor into the city, please advise the Court of Raleigh of your visit by emailing (yes, you can email the group without being part of it). Please remember that this and Primogen contacts are IC contact methods, so only share information you would share In Character.

Arriving in Raleigh

If you contact us to announce your arrival into the city, an Officer of the Court, your Primogen, or your Sponsor will advise you of where to go upon arrival. | Raleigh Map

Court of Raleigh

Prestigious Elders and notable Ancillae and Neonates make up the Court of Raleigh. For more information on these dignitaries, and how to contact them, please click on their pages (where available).

  • Prince – Elder Saharat of Clan Tremere
  • Seneschal – Arthur Locke of Clan Malkavian
  • Sheriff – Swarm of Clan Nosferatu
  • Scourge – Weston Mills of Clan Tremere
  • Harpy – Chloe West of Clan Toreador
  • Keeper of Elysium –

Primogen Council

If you need to contact the Primogen Council for any reason, please email them at If you need to contact an individual Primogen member, then use their contact information below.

The Courtesies of Raleigh

The following Laws of Raleigh are to be followed by residents and, where applicable, visitors.

  • Common feeding territory is within the boundaries of central Raleigh.
  • Anarchs guests of the Domain must seek the Prince's Hospitality through Ambassador Oliver Amador.
  • Visitors must advise the Seneschal or their Clan Primogen of their request for hospitality within a minimum of one evening of their planned arrival.
  • Those of the Independent Alliance who wish to visit must pay a Major Boon to the Elder Prince to visit the city. This boon covers a total of three visits within a six-month period.
  • Unaligned Kindred and members of the Independent Alliance that regularly visit at least six times in a twelve month period may submit a request through the seneschal to be considered a “friend” of the domain removing the requirement for prestation. It is at their highnesses discretion whether that request is approved.
  • Unaligned Kindred must pay a minor boon to visit unless otherwise exempted by their highness.
  • Members of the diabolic Salubri bloodline are to be destroyed on sight. They are considered Anathema and are granted no protection under the sixth tradition.
  • Members of the Sabbat and its derivatives are not permitted within the domain.
  • Their highness reserves the right to name three Marshalls to assist in the enforcement of her will, empowered to support the offices of the Scourge, Sheriff and Keeper of Elysium as needed at their highnesses request. Their appointment lasts up to a year and a day but may be terminated at any time by their highness.

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