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City Timeline:

City Type: Unaligned VSS (As the land is contested, no one has full jurisdiction over the area)

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: The Sabbat presence has been lax since the signing of the Accord in 2012.

Sect Boundaries: The city is claimed in four small areas for the sects, but much of the city falls in a fog of war scenario.

Theme: Cold war, Bosnian war like situation, and Conquest.

Mood: Subterfuge, Spy work, Patience (Cold War). Claiming unclaimed land before other sects do. Making deals with people you don't want to (America/ Russia WW2).

Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser The city was Sabbat, and now, after pushing the other Sects pout, they've lost ground during the accord. What could have put them at the edge of the city and allowed the three other Sects to slip in? Why lies deep in the obscuring fog of war that keeps everyone from pushing forward? With the cease fire, can individuals work with old enemies while attempting to get rid of them?

City Description: From the outside Richmond has been lost since 1999 when its last prince was murdered by raging sabbat. 2010, the last great battle, was fought in the streets of Richmond did more harm them good. No one won, and hunters were alerted to the presence of kindred all over Richmond.

The signing of the accord in 2012 met a end to outward aggression, but didn't fix the situation in the last. 5 years came and went with almost no change in territory. Each Sect their sliver of pie, and new person drained miss resources from it, where else every push into unknown territory came with losses and set backs.

From Rogue Vampires of unknown power, to stand creatures left over from the war, to human elements whom open aggression have widen the eyes of: Each sect has been unable to force their way forward without planning and pacts between kindred.


The Court of Richmond
Prince Saoirse Aurelius AKA "The Irish" of Clan Assamite
Seneschal Atieh of Clan Assamite
Keeper of Elysium Mortimer Bailey of Clan Malkavian
Scourge DR. Graves of Clan Malkavian
Sheriff Samson Barstow of Clan Gangrel
Harpy Namur Alsabbaha of Clan Assamite

The Tower
Assamite Saoirse Aurelius Elder
Assamite Atieh Seneschal
Assamite Namur Alsabbaha Elder
Gangrel Samson Barstow Primogen
Malkavian Mortimer Bailey Elder
Malkavian Dr. Graves Primogen
Tremere Douglas Murray Primogen
Tremere Trent Latheus

The Anarchs
Brujah Lydia Bayard
Caitiff Solid State
Toreador Emry Delano
unknown Vicki
Clan none selected
Clan none selected
The Independent Alliance
Setite Atticus'
Giovanni Mr. Dunsirn Emissary
Clan none selected

The Unaligned
Samedi Wultur Boeman
Gangrel Michael Cooper
Clan none selected
Clan none selected
Clan none selected
Clan none selected


  • The Sabbat probably weren't completely routed from the city, so where have they been keeping themselves?
  • Hopefully the active hunter cells are isolated enterprises, because it would be a real problem if they were to join forces.
  • Put rumors here
  • Put rumors here
  • Put rumors here

OOC Information

Storyteller: B. Riley
VSS Boundaries: Richmond and outlying areas

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