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Information Known by Kindred Society

Domain of Northwest Georgia


  • Advocate - Aiden
  • Constable - Maven
  • Architect - Moriah
  • Ambassador - Lacey


City Timeline:

• 1861 The Civil War begins

• 1864 Chubbtown, GA is founded as a town of free black slaves.

• 1864 When the Union Army moved through GA, Chubbtown is spared.

• 1865 The 13th Amendment took effect, freeing all slaves.

• 1866 Hank Chubb returns to Chubbtown, tells no one of where he had been, but returns as a Toreador. He quickly embraces the most talented and attractive of his family members and claims the title of Baron.

• Late 1860s-1915 Through Hank Chubb’s efforts, Chubbtown continues to prosper. Chubbtown’s population grows as blacks embraced during the civil war come to the city.

• 1916 A flood destroys much of the town’s wealth. After the flood, several kindred leave the Barony and remaining local kindred decentralize and expand into the neighboring communities of Booze Mountain and Cedartown.

• 1920-1940s Kindred in the Barony once again establish their influence amongst the poor and socially disadvantaged in the area, including moonshiners and other minor criminal actors. The kindred used this influence to block Camarilla interest in the nearby wealthy town of Rome.

• 1956 Hank Chubb is killed stopping a Sabbat raid. Lettie Camp, a Daughter of Cacophony, becomes the new Baron through a local election, known as a former booze runner and traveling gospel singer.

• 1963 Lettie uses her influences to ensure that the desegregation of Rome’s Carnegie Library happens without incident.

• 1950s-1970s Lettie uses her influences in the Barony to help form and maintain the bi-racial council of ministers who desegregated Floyd and surrounding counties.

• 1999 The Red Star appears, and Sabbat packs sweep into northwest GA, catching the barony unaware and destroyed any Kindred who did not flee the region.

• 2011 The Sabbat are driven out of Northwest GA by Camarilla agents in an effort

• 2012 After the Chicago Blood Accords.

• 2013 Billie Grinder entered the area and established an anarch domain in the wake of the exodus of the Camarilla agents’ demilitarization of the border. Camarilla agents pullout of the area and refocus their efforts on larger, more important domains.

• 2014 The kindred of the city remove Confederate monuments from the domain and using their influences they rename several buildings that once had Confederate monikers.


  • Advocate Billie Grinder claims Catiff, but is actually Ravnos
  • There are more Elders in the city than Ancilla or Neonates
  • There is a monster that lives in the rivers
  • The IHOP in Rome is a Sabbat Haven
  • Rome is on the verge of a Contested Praxis and has been for nearly a decade
  • Rome is run by Werewolves
  • Rome is run by Atlanta, specifically the Kardos Lineage
  • A sleeping demon is buried under the Walgreens by Heritage Park

OOC Information

Storyteller: Sam Gerace

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: Venue Style Sheet for Praesidium Romana


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