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Prince Seneschal Harpy Keeper of Elysium Sheriff Scourge
Mad Dog Jack Richard Taylor Caitlin Montgomery Adrian Falk Sam Procurer of Road Beers Unknown


The Independent Alliance

Doyen Virago Guardian of Sacred Spaces Hatchet
Coaxoch Jack Carino Pisanob Tlacaelel Cosimo Giovanni


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Vengeance Gangrel Mary Margaret Edwards Richard Taylor Caitlin Montgomery Messora Ventrue
Sam Procurer of Road Beers Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Adrian Falk Darius Ventrue
Sam Too Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Naomi Byrd Tremere Ventrue
Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Cecily Montgomery Tremere Ventrue
Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Clemintine Standbury Tremere Ventrue

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Members of The Independence Alliance

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Coaxoch Alfonso Pisanob
Tlacaelel Jack Carino Pisanob
Followers of Set Cosimo Giovanni
Followers of Set Giovanni
Followers of Set Giovanni
Followers of Set Giovanni


Unaligned Kindred of San Antonio

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Xochitl Tooth Angel
Followers of Set Marko Kazamir Gangrel



Color Legend
White– Normal Historical event
Red– PC character Event
Blue– Vampire Society event
Pink– Camarilla Specific event
Orange– IA specific event
Green– Anarch specific event

  • Prior 1500 – Prior to the arrival of the first European explorers, numerous tribes of the Indians of Texas occupied the region between the Rio Grande to the south and the Red River to the north.

– The Second Age, the Nights of Revelation: 1494 CE - 1999 CE–

  • 1536 – Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca explores Texas
  • 1620– Narses moves into the area, begins living near the Yanaguana.
  • 1691– 13 June–a group of Spanish explorers and missionaries came upon the river and Native American settlement on the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua, and Father Damian Massanet or Governor Domingo Teran de los Rios (1691- 1692) named the place and river "San Antonio" in his honor. This was the end of the Native American name of Yanaguana.
  • 1704– Mission of San Jose moved to its present site.
    Elder Narses helped make it happen, this begins 200 years of working to create new churches and missions in San Antonio. Believing it would help educated and bring learning to the area.
  • 1716–1789––Throughout the 18th century, Spain established Catholic missions in Texas, and along with the missions the towns of San Antonio, Goliad and Nacogdoches
  • 1718–1 May–Father Antonio Olivares founds the Mission San Antonio de Valero. Its named in honor of Saint Anthony de Padua and the Spanish viceroy, the Duke of Valero. This date is used as the founding of the City of San Antonio.
  • 1718–5th May–Governor Don Martin de Alarcon establishes the Presidio San Antonio de Bejar at the headwaters of the San Antonio river and San Pedro Creek.
  • 1719–June–Mission San Antonio de Valero moved to second site near present St. Joseph Catholic Church.
  • 1720–23rd February– Founding ceremonies at the Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo. Father Antonio Margil de Jesus a Franciscan missionary was placed in charge
  • 1722–the Marquis de San Miguel de Aguayo, Governor of Coahuila and Tejas orders the original site to be abandoned and the presidio was established at its current location - Plaza de Armes.
  • 1724–Construction began on The Mission San Antonio de Valero (The Alamo) at current site.
  • 1726– The Tremere Elder, Channon, arrives in San Antonio.
  • 1729–King of Spain gave land grant establishing the city of San Antonio de Bexar...first city in Spanish Tejas.
  • 1731–15 families from the Canary Islands arrive to begin the settlement that would become San Antonio.
    One of the families comes across the Brujeria within the locals, having a natural affinity for the occult. This began a long interactive history of the underground occult within San Antonio involving the Brujeria. Having natural affinity towards the occult, this family recognized the Brujeria for what they were, and came to an arrangement between them. The Brujeria would leave them alone, even though they were strangers in their land, if they gave the eldest son to them. The eldest son had a mark and one of their seers had foreseen greatness from him, to either be one of their most powerful under their guidance, or to destroy them all. The family begrudging agreed at knifepoint. The family never heard of their son, or the Brujeria, again in their lifetime
  • 1731–5th March–Mission of Concepcion moved to its present site on the San Antonio River.
  • 1731–5th March–San Juan Mission moved to present site and renamed San Juan Capistrano.
  • 1731–5th March–San Francisco de la Espada moved to the San Antonio River
  • 1731–27th August–first baptism of the parish of San Fernando administered by Father Ignacio Antonio Ciprian.
  • 1734–Spanish governor's Palace is builtspan
    Don Pisanob underwrote the materials used in building.
    GIOVANNI ONLY: ….and made a copy of the plans.
  • 1736–First bridge across San Antonio River is built connecting the San Antonio de Valero mission with the town.
  • 1738–11 March–cornerstone of church of San Fernando laid.
  • 1745–30 June–Mission Indians of San Antonio de Valero save Bexar from attacking Apaches.
  • 1747–There was an upswing of Tremere going to and from the area which lasted until 1857
  • 1749–6th November&Church of San Fernando completed.
  • 1755–Convento of Mission San Jose y Miguel de Aguayo completed
  • 1755–8th December–The stone church of Mission Concepcion was completed and dedicated.
  • 1756–Second stone church at the Alamo started but not completed during Mission period.
  • 1756–Small stone church completed at San Francisco de la Espada.
  • 1760– Don Pisanob moves into area while establishing trade routes from New Spain to the frontier-lands
  • 1762–Father Simon Hierro Reports on the seven Zacatercan missions including: San Jose de Aguayo, Espirtu Santo, El Rosario, La Luz del OPrcoquisac, Guadalupe de los Nocagdoches, Dolores de los Ais, and San Miguel de los Adaes
  • 1768–19th March–Governor Oconor and Father Solis liad the first stones of San Jose's new church (the present restored building).
  • 1773–San Antonio becomes a Zacatecan mission, San Antonio de Bexar is named provincial capital.
  • 1789–Schoolmaster Don Jose Francisco de la Mata petitions the cabildo (town council) of San Fernando de Béxar for a stipend .
  • 1793–12th April–Mission San Antonio is completely secularized and suppressed. The four other missions at San Antonio become partially secularized and lands distributed to remaining Indian residents.
  • 1819 - Major flood of the San Antonio River destroys most of the town.
  • 1836– Mad Dog Jack arrives at the beginning of the Alamo.
  • 1914– On the heels of the declaration of the first World War, Sweeney arrives in San Antonio to secure the trade of Opium and Coca leaves and their derivatives from the the Gulf Coast and Mexico for transport to the East Coast.
  • 1975– Eli Zook, an Ancilla of clan Nosferatu arrives in San Antonio and begins preaching the fundamental tenets of the Camarilla as gospel, encouraging others to follow the laws and tenets to the letter.
  • 1994-1995 –San antonio –The Venture Influence war, This all started in mid 1994, there was a piece of property that was acquired from the Venture 20 year before by the Brujah. The Venture say it was stolen and the brujah call it acquired. The full weight of the Ventrue Influence might was brought to attack on any and all brujah holding and the attack was very effective in a short time the brujah was unable to move money, or use any contact or allies and worse they had turned many of their underworld contact against them. The Brujah elder James Cutter told his clan that he was in negotiations with the ventrue and soon it would be resolved but month after month went by and no change, the Neonates and ancilla was being kept at bay by Mad Dog Jack. On May 29th 1995 During a record storm the Brujah neonates and Ancilla attacked the Venture, Mad Dog Jack lead the attack. the Brujah attack all venture holding without the elders or the Primogen blessing. At the end of the night many brujah and Ventrue lay dead but the Elders did come to an agreement and the Venture got their piece of property. Due to the record storm there was no masquerade breaches. It was rumored that the storm was caused by the Tremere to aid the Brujah in their efforts. The Tremere do not claim the event but also do not deny it, publicly keeping a show of civility.
  • 1997– After years of traveling with Payback, her Sire, Vengeance (So named by Payback) ends up in San Antonio.
  • 2002– June 3rd - A sparsely attended gathering is held at the elysium of the Spanish Governor's Palace. While a group of kindred are looking into those who are missing, a letter is read by a member of the anarch movement declaring war on the Camarilla, Giovanni and Setites of the city by the Anarch Baron Roger Felton, a nosferatu. Within an hour all elysium's in the city are under attack by hunters, it is found that anarchs and hunters had raided havens of the city’s inhabitants with few surviving.
  • 2002– August - The survivors of the June Massacre began finding their places on the outskirts of the city, losing havens and territories in some cases held almost four centuries. Power Vacuums needed to be filled. The denizens of San Antonio slowly begin to rebuild.

San Antonio Masquerade VSS

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