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A Touch of Nightshade

The Domain of San Diego

“The past is a lighthouse, not a port.”

- Russian Proverb
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Peace is here, but tenuous.

Sitting between desert and ocean is San Diego, the 11th largest city in the world, and the first western city in California. Tourist attraction, military haven, and important trading port. Founded by the Spanish 1769, San Diego is where the Spanish "founded" California. While ostensibly Camarilla, it hosts a triumvirate of sects - Camarilla, Anarch, and the Independent Alliance all vying for power.

The city was small, never quite a boomtown like its neighbors to the north. Its history is one of boom and bust. More recently, it's become the 11th largest city in the world, a place for both crime and the tech industry to thrive.

It wasn't always this way. A city in the former Anarch Free State of California, they fought off the Sabbat from Mexico until the 80's, when the city fell. Prince Conrad and the former Ambassador worked together to take the city back. The Pisanob Cartel took power and influence just north of the city.

Now the three hold domains, competing for local power and influence on one hand, while playing diplomat with the other.

May they strike while the iron is hot.


OOC Information

Storyteller: Gabe Fortes

Venue Style Sheet: A Touch of Nightshade VSS

Domain: Domain of San Diego CA-057

Location: San Diego, CA

Schedule: 2nd Saturday of the Month



Anarch Free State

Advocate: Niko Agne
Ambassador: Marianne Dashwood
Architect: Dahlia
Constable: Open

Camarilla Court

Prince: Murielle O'Connor
Seneschal: Marcus Kostikolv
Keeper of Elysium: Open
Sheriff: Alex Temple
Scourge: Unknown
Harpy: Dr. Villanueva

  • Brujah: Sir Gideon Hellwig
  • Malkavian: Open
  • Toreador: Open
  • Ventrue: Lysette Durand

Independent Alliance

Doyen: Rosa Giovanni
Doyen: Anastasia Giovanni
Virago: Jai Van der Berg
Guardian of the Sacred Spaces: Sekhem

Other Residents

Name Clan Status Sect Position
Aden Follower of Set Neonate Independent Alliance None
Al-Hudin Assamite Neonate Camarilla None
Niko Agne Brujah Neonate Anarch Advocate
Celeste Beauchamp Tremere Ancilla Camarilla Harpy
Charles Assamite Unknown Anarch Moriarty
Dante Lasombra Elder Formerly Anarch Bloodhunted
Jazmine Nosferatu Neonate Camarilla None
Julius Follower of Set Ancilla Independent Alliance None
Tony de Luca Toreador Neonate Camarilla Servire
John Doe Ventrue Elder Anarch Ambassador
Leon Harris Malkavian Ancilla Anarch Architect
Eddy Giovanni Giovanni Neonate Independent Alliance None
Rosa Giovanni Giovanni Ancilla Independent Alliance Doyen
Talon Alenzia Komnenos Brujah Elder Anarch Advocate
Marcus Kostikolv Malkavian Elder Camarilla Harpy
Lucien Ventrue Neonate Camarilla Primogen
Saul Macrae Gangrel Ancilla Anarch None
Jaime Mendoza Toreador Neonate Anarch None
Hayden Mycroft Tremere Ancilla Camarilla Prince
Murielle O'Connor Ventrue Ancilla Camarilla Prince
Lucas Teotl Pisanob Giovanni Ancilla Independent Alliance None
Pilar Pisanob Giovanni Ancilla Independent Alliance None
Teagan Anderson Salubri Neonate Camarilla None
Ragnar Gangrel Neonate Camarilla Sheriff
Vic Salas Brujah Ancilla Camarilla None
Sekhem Follower of Set Luminary Elder Independent Alliance Guardian of Sacred Spaces
Anastasia Giovanni Giovanni Ancilla Independent Alliance Doyen
Jai Van de Berg Follower of Set Ancilla Independent Alliance Virago
Kincaid Follower of Set Ancilla Independent Alliance None
Judith Sheppard Brujah Neonate Anarch None
Spectre Assamite Neonate Anarch None
Alex Temple Brujah Ancilla Camarilla Seneschal
Dr. Conner Villanueva-93 Malkavian Neonate Camarilla Keeper of Elysium
Virus Ventrue Ancilla Anarch None
Cassius Wilde Son of Discord Ancilla Anarch None
Dr. James Winston Malkavian Neonate Camarilla Primogen
Toshi Yokana Toreador Unknown Camarilla Primogen
Mueller Nosferatu Neonate Camarilla None
Zero Malkavian Neonate Anarch None

Frequent Visitors

Name Clan Status Sect Position Domain
Lorena Silva Lasombra Ancilla Anarch Constable Inland Empire
Marianne Dashwood Brujah Neonate Anarch None Los Angeles
Enyo Gargoyle Ancilla Camarilla Prince Orange County

Mel Malkavian Neonate Camarilla None Inland Empire
Coil Malkavian Neonate Anarch None Inland Empire
Saul Rothstein Giovanni Elder Independent Alliance Doyen Los Angeles
Spyder ? Neonate Anarch None Inland Empire
Tank Ravnos Neonate Anarch Architect Los Angeles
Ivory Sharp Unknown Unknown Anarch None Inland Empire


  • According to the Sabbat, half of San Diego is infernally tainted.
  • The Sabbat are looking for a seat at the table, more than the ambassadors they are already sending.
  • Hunters are closing in on San Diego, planning something big.
  • Coil is secretly impersonating the Prince of LA.
  • Werewolves are coming back and we are not going to like it.
  • Some have talked about War, some about Conquest, some about Death, and some about Famine and Pestilence. The end is nigh in San Diego.