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“'When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.
―Frédéric Bastiat

Santo Domingo is the oldest permanent settlement in the New World-- and perhaps the Darkest. For five centuries, the island has been home to the wars of transplanted kindred-- the only constants are change and upheaval. Generations have come and gone, and rulers do, too. What does not change, is the omnipresent threat of grinding poverty and the avarice that stands in contrast to it; the struggle for power is real, and ambition lurks in the hearts of the dead.

Santo Domingo is a remarkable place-- one part Las Vegas in the Caribbean, one part third world slum. The oldest settlement in the New World, Santo Domingo has both a deep history and a promising future. It is among the most violent, corrupt, and dangerous cities in the world; the wrong turn down the wrong street will take someone from the lap of luxury into a dystopian nightmare in the space of a couple of minutes' walk.

The presence of the American sponsored mafia is everywhere; in many ways, Santo Domingo is what the Mafia wished for Havana to become, prior to Castro's revolution-- a place where moral turpitude and the law walk hand in hand. Glitz, glamor, bullets and blood. It is all there for the taking.

Santo Domingo is also home to a great many important religious and archeological sites. The Church, while profoundly corrupt, also enjoys tremendous power, a third pillar of the community that offers succor from Mafia excess and the abuse of power endemic in government. The Cathedrals of Santo Domingo are known to house schools for ambitious young priests, some of whom, historically, have wielded the power of Faith. Kindred who have thought it wise to interfere have all had a common, fatal outcome.

Current Courtesies:

Courtesy of the Accord of Santa Maria la Menor: All kindred have agreed to refrain from directly manipulating members of the Federal Government and Military of the Dominican Republic, upon pain of death. Failure to adhere to this Accord is considered a violation of the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Traditions; those who are found to violate It are considered to be open season-- they may be destroyed even without the further authorization of the Praxis, so long as their violation has been decreed by Her Majesty.

Courtesy of the Division of Hispaniola: Due to historical events, no kindred of the Camarilla is authorized to make a home, intervene in, or travel to Haiti. Those who flee into that jurisdiction are not to be hunted further, as whatever resides there has never allowed anything that entered Haiti since the time of the proclamation of the Division of Hispaniola to emerge alive.

Courtesy of Humanitas: The lives of mortals are sacred, and must remain that way. Those found in the wanton and unnecessary destruction of mortals save in situations where the Masquerade is in dire trouble, or self defense (in the case of hunters) shall be called before the Court and judged for their actions. We must maintain the semblance of humanity and morality and serve as a warning for those who would see our Tower destroyed.

Courtesy of Hospitality: All who visit Santo Domingo must first reach out to their Primogen. In the absence of a Primogen, the Harpy should be contacted, then the Seneschal. Those who do not or who have not been granted a token of hospitality by the Prince shall pay a minor favor to the Primogen, Harpy, Seneschal and Prince. Individuals who are not members of the Court may not hold haven or territory without permission from the Praxis.

Courtesy of Jurisdiction: All individuals visiting or residing within Santo Domingo are subject to the courtesies and the laws of the Court. Crimes committed within the Domain will be dealt with within the domain.

Courtesy of the privilege of Favor: Neonates who are favored by an Elder of Santo Domingo may approach all Court Members of Santo Domingo but the Prince as if they were Confirmed, so long as they state *who* they are favored by.

Courtesy of Knowledge: Ghouls are to be registered with each Primogen. If anyone is found abusing ghouls or endangering the Masquerade, the Praxis reserves the right to remove the ghouls from the individual in question and seek further punishment for the abuse of mortals and endangering the Masquerade. Those without a primogen may instead register their ghouls with any other primogen or the Seneschal.

Courtesy of the Embrace: The Prince is the sole individual who may grant the right of the Embrace. The "Sire" must approach their Primogen, who will present such to the Prince. This must be requested before the Embrace not during or after Leaving the Domain to embrace and returning with a newly embraced childe is considered a violation of this Courtesy

Courtesy of Accountability: All new embraces require a major boon to be placed on the books. This will remain on the books until such a time that the new embrace is released. If the Sire moves domains, this boon will travel and be placed in the hands of the new Praxis holder to do with what they wish. After Accounting has completed, the major boon will downgrade to a minor boon..

Courtesy of Respect: The Domain of Santo Domingo will maintain court and social decorum at all times. Those of low station will follow proper social protocol towards their elders. Members of the court will address officers of the court appropriately and with respect. Matters of concern in regards to the Domain or the Court will address their concern to their Primogen or Sheriff.. Those Individuals will validate the concern before informing the Seneschal of the matter. The office of the Seneschal will then inform the Praxis of the matter. If a kindred has no Primogen, they will inform the office of the Seneschal directly to be processed. Officers of the court may bring matters of concern directly to the Seneschal or the Praxis.

Important Former Courtesies:

Ban of San Nicholas de Bari (2000): With the Gangrel withdrawal from the Camarilla, the Nosferatu Prince of Santo Domingo declares that any Gangrel found within the territories of the Praxis is not acknowledged, and should be destroyed on sight, it becomes known as the Ban of San Nicholas de Bari. The Tremere lodge a protest with the praxis, acknowledging the key role of Clan Gangrel in bringing past threats to heel. The Tremere walk out of the Court of Santo Domingo in solidarity with the Gangrel. At the behest of the Toreador Harpy, the Prince and the Tremere come to an arrangement, allowing Gangrel to enter Tremere holdings and feed within them, without being subject to the order of destruction. The Ban was revoked in 2010

Courtesy of Blood: "Any Assamite that is not a member of the Camarilla or a member of the Movement that has been extended Hospitality, that wishes hospitality within the domain, must submit one vial of their blood or three hairs to the Authority of the domain. These items must be taken from and given within the sight of the Authority of the domain. These items will be stored in trust by the Prince or Seneschal or duly appointed individual familiar with handling such things until hospitality is rescinded or the individual in question is no longer within the domain. At that time, the individual may choose to request the items be returned, or may be present when they are destroyed. This has been removed in Feb 2020.

Santo Domingo, DR is a Camarilla praxis

  • Theme: Excess and Its Limitations: Vampirism in a Tenuous Paradise
  • Mood: Hedonism, the clock striking midnight, the spectre of scarcity and impoverishment against a receding plenty. Loss of security, loss of prosperity, loss of hope. The emotions and situations engendered should create introspection, doubt, hatred, envy, and rivalry. What one will tolerate, and where one draws the line as to the intolerable, will largely define one's experience.
  • Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade


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The Court of Santo Domingo
Prince Luciana Santora DuVal of Clan Ventrue
Seneschal Isildura Kent of Clan Toreador
Keeper of Elysium Cassidy Mason of Clan Toreador
Scourge Bryson Cobb of Clan Asssamite
Sheriff Zachariah Fontleroy of Clan Toreador
Deputy -- of Clan I Don’t Care
Deputy -- of Clan I Don’t Care
Harpy Amir Isfahani Aurelius of Clan Asssamite
Talon Edna of Clan Toreador

Primogen Alaniyah bint Natiyah al-Khartoum
Zahira Isfret
Elder Amir Isfahani Aurelius
Bryson Cobb
Jared Wynters
Primogen Mercy Monroe-Price
Whip : Dean
Elder Sofiya Rurik
Myrium Oswald
Garrett Zakay
Elder Æthered “Fireborn”
Audra Lukaite
Primogen Edison Baxter
Whip --
Aimable Locke
Elder Ailis Carthach
Primogen Shandra Sauger
Elder Filipe
NPC Unreleased Rita
Rita Verona
Primogen: Isildura Kent
Whip: None
Elder Osvif Skorrisson
Angel Trenton
Riley Noah
Cassidy Mason --
Primogen Elder Magnus Ulfric
Reinhardt Vogel
Alexander Howell
Celeste Ashwood
Scott Marks
Prince Luciana Santora DuVal
Lady Eleanore Laurent of House DuVal
Followers of Set
Emissary --
Emissary --
Phoenix, Caitiff
--, Caitiff

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