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This game is currently on Hiatus. If you are interested in joining this game please let us know

City of Blades


Sheffield, long known to the Sabbat as the ‘City of Blades’, was for many years - since the 1850s, long, before the Nights of Turmoil and the hunters came - the Sabbat’s centre of power within the United Kingdom. A city of hard industry - of steel and of silverware production, with strong roots in the mining industry - it bred tough, resilient mortals with a culture of low-income decadence, desperation for money and easy pleasures, and a penchant for casual violence.

When the city’s industries collapsed in the latter part of the twentieth century, victims of years of government mismanagement and privatization, Sheffield’s mortals found their proud working-class culture reduced to one of joblessness, drunkenness and violence. Continuing immigration into the city-bred even more discontent and trouble in the city itself and in its satellite estates, creating a city where acts of violence - and those willing to commit those acts - were commonplace, and where it was common for crime to go unpunished. An almost ideal Sabbat city, then, engaged in and orchestrating ongoing skirmishes against the Camarilla.

The coming of the hunters saw Sheffield just as devastated as every other Kindred city, with the difference only of a handful of higher ranking Kindred managing to flee to the far islands of northern Scotland, going to ground there and surviving until the conflict - and in many cases, conflagration - was over.

One of these survivors, then, stands as Bishop of Sheffield today - the Elder Magdalene of the Lasombra. A battle-hardened and politically astute European woman with a long history of high-rank in the Sabbat and a deep dedication to the Sect’s faith, she rules the few Packs now settling in the drastically weakened city of Sheffield with a will of iron.

During the negotiations leading up to the signing of the Chicago Blood Accord, the praxis of Sheffield was one of the Sect's demands. The Camarilla agreed, finding the logic in the proposition that it is better to have the Sabbat back in their former base, a mere ghost of what it once was, in a time of truce, than building up resentment for being refused it until the time of treaty is over…

The City of Blades now stands with a small number of packs who evaded destruction by fleeing to northern Scotland. They are home, loyal to Magdalene, and plotting their next move. Will the Sword of Caine rise again?


By the 14th century Sheffield was noted for the production of knives, and by 1600, overseen by the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, it had become the second centre of cutlery production in England after London.

In the 1740s the crucible steel process was improved by Sheffield resident Benjamin Huntsman, allowing a much better production quality. At about the same time, Sheffield plate, a form of silver plating, was invented. The associated industries led to the rapid growth of Sheffield; the town was incorporated as a borough in 1843 and granted a city charter in 1893.

  • 1999 - With the red star blazing in the heavens fear grips Sheffield but the blitz mentality remains and Sheffield stands tall. The kindred, though nervous, continue as they always have, upholding the traditions and ensuring the tower remains however new embraces are banned within the city limits.
  • 2000 - The coming of the hunters saw Sheffield just as devastated as every other Kindred city, with the difference only of a handful of higher ranking Kindred managing to flee to the far islands of northern Scotland, going to ground there and surviving until the conflict - and in many cases, conflagration - was over.
  • 2012 - The Blood Accord between the Camarilla and the Sabbat is signed by the Justicars and the Priscus Council in Chicago.
  • 2017 - Gameplay begins.


  • Central: Broomhill & Sharrow Vale, City, Manor Castle, Nether Edge & Sharrow, and Walkley; and parts of the wards of Crookes & Crosspool, Ecclesall, Fulwood and Hillsborough.
  • Brightside: Burngreave, Firth Park, Hillsborough, Shiregreen and Brightside, and Southey.
  • Hallam: Crookes and Crosspool, Dore and Totley, Ecclesall, Fulwood, and Stannington.
  • Heeley: Arbourthorne, Beauchief and Greenhill, Gleadless Valley, Graves Park, and Richmond.
  • South East: Beighton, Birley, Darnall, Mosborough, and Woodhouse.

Places of Interest

  • Fulwood Old Chapel – Approximately 400 years old, this small but serviceable chapel is now the home of the Sword of Caine in the City of Blades. The main holy place for them was attacked and demolished by the Hunters during the year 2000, the very few that stayed were given a place to hide in this small chapel, over the years, they have become the custodians of the chapel, protecting it and keeping it standing.
  • Sheffield Arena - Referred to as “The Arena” – opened in 1991, a popular place for the mortals, rumours abound that there is a nefarious underground to this place, but none can say for sure, any who enter since 2002 have vanished without a trace, mortal puppets, ghouls and even some Cainites have all been lost.
  • Sheffield Cathedral - The most Holy Ground within the City, none are permitted here without the express permission of the Bishop Magdalene.
  • Graves Park Animal Farm and Heeley City Farm – Two small farms of animals from around the world, formerly an experimentation ground for the Sword of Caine. Now, technically out of bounds unless you’re brave enough ask the Bishop.
  • Victoria Quays – A canal and former cargo port, now a business site, currently under redevelopment, still used as berths for leisure canal boats and a basis for small goods coming in quiet like.
  • Sheffield Round Walk – 14 miles round walk around the city, a very popular place for people to walk and see the some of the sites of the city, the most prestigious feeding ground, only the VIP’s can feed in here.
  • Devonshire Green Park – In and of itself unimportant, however, it’s the Skate Park that’s of interest, here if you know the right person, you can get anything for a price of course. The Police regularly attend the park, so be wary of whom you deal with, is it the right person, or a snitch?
  • Sheffield Central Library – A grand library indeed, with loads of books and research.
  • Meadow Hall Shopping Centre – Huge local shopping centre and a pinnacle of public activity, currently undergoing refurbishment, open until late so good place to go for essential things and information.

Storytelling Information

  • Trade Winds Sabbat is designed to be fun for all players so please keep this in mind when creating characters and your play style on the VSS.
  • This VSS will be run online on the mIRC software on the Dark Myst server.
  • OOC Room: #TradeWinds-OOC

Sign in and IC room information will be given in the OOC room.

  • TW Sabbat Games will be organised so as not to clash with conventions or other Online VSS as it would be the Storyteller's intention to start and finish no later than 11pm GMT on any chosen game night.
  • Current Character sheets are expected to be kept on the Approvals Database. These sheets will be available for use for determination of challenges.
  • Sheffield PC Wiki Templates are available for use by all Player Characters attached to the VSS. Coded by Rowan Draper.
  • Downtimes are due 14 days before the game.
  • Visitors to Sheffield Sabbat games need to send their character sheets to the TW Sabbat iVST 48hrs before the game.
  • Proxies are welcome in downtime period however proxies at the game are generally unavailable.

Please visit Trade Winds Sabbat Google Group for out of character discussion and for In Character play and activity.

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