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Corruption Breeds Contempt

“Corruption, the most infallible symptom of constitutional liberty.” -Edward Gibbon

The City of Homes click to expand

Springfield has been a city rife with corruption for over a century. The Cainites of the area are not immune to the allure of the strong hand of coercive control. The game takes place in an area that has a long history of organized crime, brutal politics, and an imposing Catholic church presence. The leadership of the Cainite diocese is run by a mix of Ultra-cons, and the Orthodoxy. The Kine keep the city in a near constant state of street warfare, and it has been a good cover for the fostering of a war machine for over a century. The Archbishop expects the members of the Sabbat in the area to be hyper vigilant in regards to being ready to engage in the next crusade as soon as the sect has regained its bearings again.

Sect Boundaries

The Archbishop of the Pioneer Valley claims Praxis over all of Hampden and Hampshire counties. The Archbishop has four subordinate Bishops who oversee Security, War, Faith, and the Kine. There are no other significant Cainite holdings.

Major powers of the city are primarily Orthodox or Ultra-Conservative

City Government
Archbishop:Gunther McAllister
Bishop of Night:Vacant
Bishop of Security:Vacant
Bishop of War:Vacant
Bishop of Spirituality:Vacant
Bishop of Kine:Liam
The Order of the Blessed VitaeNeed information here
Bell, Book, & CandleNeed information here
Black AcesNeed information here
Clerici VagantesNeed information here
Misfit ToysNeed information here
Blades, Bullets, and BloodNeed information here
City Timeline
1636Founded as Agawam Plantation, part of the Connecticut Colony. The Pynchon family was supported in the founding by a Camarilla Ventrue who was a would be Prince.
1640Defected to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and changed name to Springfield the following year.
1641First ever meat packing plant is opened in Springfield.
1645-1651Witch trials involving Mary Parsons and Hugh Parsons
1675King Phillip’s War, native coalition nearly razed Springfield. Under the cover of these attacks the Sabbat coming down from Canada kill and drive out the Camarilla leadership of Springfield.
1765-1803First Sabbat Civil War, “The strife of this civil war allowed the Sabbat to lose much of their territory in the American East Coast to the Camarilla.” Springfield remains one of the few strongholds in the former colonies.
1770sFoundation of Springfield Armory, Springfield as a defensible/fortifiable location.
1840-1870The Order of St. Blaise establish their presence in Holyoke and Springfield working within the Catholic immigrant communities.
1936 & 1938Floods, “Due to Springfield's two Great Floods, large portions of the North End and South End neighborhoods no longer exist.”
1957Third Sabbat Civil War, took place in NYC, 100 nights, establishment of Pander movement. The Ultra-Cons and Orthodoxy have established a strong Archdiocese and are largely able to weather the storm.
1960-PresentCity “cut off” from River by I-91, several neighborhoods were destroyed in the construction of the Interstate highways
1968Armory closed. Businesses began to leave for areas with lower taxes… but Springfield retained most of it’s population levels. Rich (mostly white) families left, and lower income families of different ethnicities moved in.
2007-2011Springfield underwent a major revitalization project,including sustainability and pollution clean-up/reduction efforts, and weathering the US economic recession comparably well. Behind these mortal activities was a conflict between werewolves and Kindred.
2008The Silence of the Blood adopted
2009Appearance and disappearance of the Red Star
June 2011Tornado tore through Western Mass,inflicting significant infrastructure damage to the City of Springfield
2012Chicago Blood Accords signed
OOC Information
VST:Caroline Tanzi
Boundaries:Hamden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties in Massachusetts
VSS Information
Player Resources click to expand

Diocese Vinculum Spreadsheet: - feel free to use this to keep track of your rating to other PCs, with the understanding that connections between third parties is OOC knowledge.

Storyteller Notes click to expand
Baby Dragons Have No Gold click to expand

Diablerie of another PC will have no benefit for the first three months after the PC is approved for play.

Discord/Online Play click to expand

Our domain hosts a Discord server for OOC chatting and Soft RP. The enforcement of Soft RP in these chats is taken very seriously. The ST team will not be portraying NPCs in the rooms and all interactions on Discord are strictly optional. We host this chat server in order to allow players to flesh out their characters and have meaningful character interaction scenes which there may not be time for at game. A good use of this medium would be to flesh out how two characters interact. Non-Locals will be allowed to join this server if they are frequent visitors to our games, or if they are invited by another PC, but their IC justification for joining must accompany a Soft RP Proxy to the VST and DST. For players with a PC attached to a VSS in our Domain, you may join the Discord server by emailing the DST ( or the DC ( in order to request an invite.

Proxies click to expand

Proxy actions should be cleared with the VST at least 2 days in advance (preferably more), including dates and methods of travel, aliases, and other relevant information. Proxying out of the domain is generally approved, though should not be used as a way to attempt to escape PvP or PvE in-character consequences. Soft RP proxies, conversations, or visits are generally easy to carry out, but may be subject to the various plots and threats that all kindred are experiencing at the local level.

"Kill-boxing" and other aggressive proxies to the Venue should be carefully considered both for their possible negative impacts on local play which may be against the concept of the venue and not allowed. Similarly summoning players from this Venue to die is highly discouraged unless there has been a proper and hopefully voluntary lead up to such an event. However, local players will not be protected by “the local-play first” rule against fallout from their own aggressive or negative actions.

One Minute Rule click to expand

When a player disagrees with a rules call made by the VST, they will be given one minute to make their case. After that minute, the VST will make a decision and the scene will progress. Players are expected to follow the Code of COnduct when making such a case, remaining courteous and calm during their statement. If the issue is not immediate, players are encouraged to instead put their concern in writing and contact the storyteller after game.

Travel Risks click to expand

Western Massachusetts is, at times, an extremely dangerous place. Simply wandering into the city without any knowledge of how to find the gathering or the intended host will likely result in the PC being engaged adversarially by the NPCs who occupy territory. There are methods of obtaining safe passage. However, those methods are neither cheap nor foolproof. It is advised that any visiting player contact the VST at least 48 hours before game in order to determine how their character will enter the city. Failure to do so may result in negative repercussions for the PC.