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“Forget the threat of Hell's infernal flames. The true torture would condemn a man to wait and wait and wait - for an eternity.” -Sharon Kay Penman, Lionheart

Gehenna has come and gone. Either it was a false hope, a lie, or perhaps we stand at the threshold of the end. The Sabbat is split, caught in the tempest of a crisis of faith that cannot be ignored. The Sabbat vanished from Dallas over ten years ago, and now the Camarilla has moved back in to claim the city. Ventrue Oracle Ellison Harvard and his pack, Blut und Glauben, returned to the area on the outskirts of Tarrant County, bordering Dallas's domain. He claimed Archbishop and began a call for the Sword to join him in building a presence in the Metroplex again. The Chicago Blood Accords prevent open warfare, and the Sabbat cannot openly interfere in the business of the Tower. They can, however, prepare. And so they shall, by building on the success of former Archbishop Ellison Harvard by claiming territory, resources, and recruits. They will set the ballista and aim it at the Tower, for 2019 approaches quickly and, if all goes accordingly, the Blood Accords will falter.


  • 1841: City of Dallas founded. Entire territory under control of werewolf tribes.
  • 1884: Werewolves leave Dallas abruptly with no explanation. Some settle in limits of this VSS (Arlington, Hurst-Euless-Bedford (HEB), Grapevine)
  • 1908: The Great Trinity River Flood displaces many supernaturals. Vampires lose their havens in surrounding territories, and the wolves themselves living along the river come into war with other supernaturals.
  • 1922: The Camarilla Barter for control of Dallas. The Sabbat hear about this and immediately send a group to live in Grapevine to keep an eye on them.
  • 1929: Giovanni Move in to conduct business with the Camarilla in Dallas and the nearby Sabbat, unbeknownst to both parties they were playing both sides.
  • 1946: Ellison Harvard, still a member of the Camarilla, purchases land near the Trinity River and settles in.
  • 1963: The night before the Kennedy Assassination, a in intense feeling of dread overtakes the Kindred of the Dallas and those living in surrounding cities. This sensation while diminished, has never completely left.
  • 1972: The Sabbat from Grapevine move to take over Dallas. Their assault is a success, the Prince is killed in the attack, those who are not killed flee. The Sabbat territory grows. Ellison Harvard escapes the territory without participating in the battle.
  • 1980: The Sabbat realize they have spread themselves too thin and ask for aid. Dallas and Grapevine end up being led separately by two hard line groups. The nearby werewolves keep them from engaging in open battle over their beliefs, but a cold war ensues.
  • 1999: An attempt by the Camarilla to retake the Dallas fails, but the losses sustained by the Sabbat are high. Werewolf attacks make both cities difficult to hold. Ellison Harvard uses the opportunity to secure his old haven and sets up shop. The Sabbat are too busy dealing with themselves and werewolves to devote too many resources to push him out.
  • The Red Star Nights: Hunters annihilate most of the Sabbat presence in Grapevine and Dallas.
  • 2006: Ellison Harvard begins to have visions. He crosses Sect lines to speak to Sabbat loremasters about the many things he has seen...
  • 2009: A joint effort of Camarilla and Independents to retake Dallas. The invasion force arrives to find no trace of the Sabbat.
  • 2011: Ellison Harvard defects to the Sabbat, a pack ready and waiting due to his previous dealings. Ventrue of surrounding territories fight to take over the Territory Ellison owned. Ellison and his pack hold his Haven against the Camarilla, Werewolves, and Sabbat who hold old grudges alike.
  • 2012: The Chicago Blood Accords are signed. Ellison’s pack no longer has to defend against direct Camarilla attacks and declare their territory held for the Sabbat.
  • 2013: With the territory secure, Ellison starts preaching in earnest. His fervent zeal draws followers and enemies alike.
  • 2017: Ellison believes his command has reached critical mass and makes a power play. His claim of Archbishop goes uncontested and receives tacit approval from the Cardinals. Ellison holds a public Ritual of Creation to which he invites Sabbat and Camarilla alike (of course none of the latter will attend). Sabbat from outside the city trickle in to heed the call.
  • 2018 May: Archbishop Ellison Harvard is killed. This leaves a rather large power vacuum, and the ripple effects of this event affect every supernatural group in the city.
  • 2018 July: The ascension of Red to the position of Archbishop is finalized by his Bloodbath by Vermundo de Sancha, Templar to Cardinal Dazhdbog.
  • 2018 September: Jayne Jonestown is spotted in Tarrant County. Bishop of War Kara Wells receives her Bloodbath by her pack's own priest, Warren.
  • 2018 October: Bishop of Spirituality Marcela Andrade de Vega receives her Bloodbath by Archbishop Red. The diocese learns that their old enemies, The unalgined Blood Pact, are gathering intelligence on them.
  • 2018 December: Kara Wells steps down from the Bishop of War position amid rumors that she was involved in the former Archbishop's demise. Kate, a Brujah from the Devil's River Raiders is named in her place. Ilkay, a very useful, but packless Harbinger, is named Bishop of the Occult for his selfless efforts for the Sword. The clergy of the city agrees to begin focus on the war with the Independent Alliance after a pack of Setites is found within Sabbat territory and rumors of Giovanni gunning for Harbingers come to light.
  • 2019 February: Winter Moon and Lorenzo della Cava become the first Blood Accord Ambassadors to the Camarilla Court in Dallas.
  • 2019 March: Lorenzo della Cava defeats Red in the ritual of Monomacy for the position of Archbishop, only to declare the following: "That Red will keep his title so long as his pack, Memento Mori, merges with Lorenzo's pack, Fedayeen of Caine with Lorenzo as the ductus and Marcela Andrade de Vega of Memento Mori as the priest. Neither Red nor Marcela want anything to do with his notorious pack, so he names Kara Wells to the position. She refuses. He eventually settles on Barrows of the Devil's River Raiders pack, a surprisingly good choice that the other packs respect. Still, Lorenzo's actions are held in contempt by the rest of the diocese for the destabilization they briefly brought. Martial-Law, priest of Lorenzo's pack, clarifies he their pack has split into three: The Inconvenient, led by Lorenzo, the Fedayeen of Caine, and the Oathsworn. After announcing anti-Temoch sentiment, continuing to deny multiple assaults on the Silence of the Blood, and failing to put down a packmate that declared his intention to burn down the diocese and then go into Dallas to destroy the Blood Accords, the new Archbishop Barrows banishes the packs from the diocese.
  • 2019 April - September: Martial Law is banished from the diocese and eventually trialed and taken in by both the Inquisition and the Black Hand. Somehow, Lorenzo della Cava manages to get into a new pack within the diocese, and promptly attempts to take over the neighboring Camarilla domain after a move by their Primogen to remove the Praxis of the Aston Price. The diocese bands together to denounce this, in support of the Blood Accords. Lorenzo and his pack Im Todesschatten are confronted at Cowboy's stadium in Arlington, but they favor burning the landmark down around them rather than allow combat or conversation with the loyal Cainites of Tarrant. Bishop Kara Wells calls the retreat to prevent needless deaths.

Current Events

The packs have laid out their maps and created a plan to take over more territory in Tarrant County. Let's see if they can manage without attacking each other's claims.

Cainites of Tarrant County

Devil's River Raiders
Ductus Parker Barrows, Gangrel
Priest Jakob Lynch, Lasombra
Parker Williams
Kate Howard, Toreador
Anthony Dubries, Ventrue Crusader
Alliance of the Enigma
Ductus Kara Wells, Brujah
Priest Warren Simmins, Clanless
Abbot Messiah, Tzimisce
Devram Bashram, Brujah
Luella Rimbauer, Brujah
Ilkay, Harbinger
Dr. Allon Phillips, Malkavian
Robert, Pander
Rock and a Hard Place
Ductus Tony "Squirrel" Marcovich, Ravnos
Priest Banshee, Son of Discord
Abbot Chantico, Gargoyle
Marcela Andrade de Vega, Lasombra
Sapphire, Daughter of Cacophony
Dameon El Luchedor

Los Angeles del Juicio
Ductus Dendra Moreno, Lasombra
Priest Serana, Lasombra
Mihaela, Tzimisce
Im Todesschatten
Ductus Eve, Ishtarri
Priest Lorenzo della Cava, Lasombra
Hynrix von Hynquart, Clanless
Abbot Christov, Telyav
Gaspar, Lasombra
Memento Mori
Ductus Red, Lasombra
Abbott Caedes, Telyav
Cyril, Salubri

The Packless
Leila "Brooklyn", Lasombra
The Risen Queen (NPC)
Blut und Glauben (NPC)
Ductus Ellison Harvard/William Eaton, Salubri
Priest Chyhyraeth, Salubri
Mort, Brujah

Verum Sangiunum
Priest Mendacius
Ductus Veritus
Gemini (NPC)


Though the Diocese is called Tarrant, it does not contain the totality of Tarrant County: Fort Worth and everything to the west is untouched by the Sabbat. They hold or are making plans to take: Arlington, Grapevine, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Colleyville, parts of Southlake, Mansfield, and far western Grand Prairie. Below is a map of which pack claims which territory:

Tarrant sabbatmap 072419.png
A more interactive Google Map of the territories can be found here


  • On the evening of 09/07/19 on the first night of the new Camarilla Prince of Dallas County. Prince Mendo awards & grants as additional payment to the “Triumphant" Dr. Alon Phillips of the Sword of Caine the use of his personal herd anytime he chooses. This is in addition to his ongoing payment for his surveillance of the Ventrue of Dallas Tower.
  • Did you hear that Winter Moon hooked up with Temoch himself at the Synod?
  • Martial-Law and his pack(s) have been banished from Tarrant County by Archbishop Barrows for openly and knowingly saying they did not follow the Regent and that they would burn the diocese to the ground by breaking the Silence of the Blood and going into Dallas to break the Blood Accords.
  • Memento Mori fell apart after the departure of Marcela Andrade de Vega due to a lack of faith in Red's leadership.
  • Dendra Moreno faked her death and posed as a different Lasombra named Angelique for a year and no one's batting an eyelash now that she's calling herself Dendra again?


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