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Topeka: A good place to dig potatoes

The name Topeka is composed of three words from the Kaw, Omaha, and Iowa Native American tribes. The first, to, means "potato". The second, pe, is an adjective meaning "good". The third, okae, means "to dig". Thus, the name Topeka means "a good place to dig potatoes".

Topeka is a city awash in kindred ash.

2002 - December 4th, under the guise of drug raids on meth labs and the like, hunters raid and wipe out the entire court of Topeka, and a small Sabbat cell that was keeping an eye on the city. Topeka was largely thought to be unassailable due to the local’s control over the city, and it sends shockwaves throughout the eastern plains.

Topeka was a city devoid of Kindred for 16 years until refugees from Manhattan, KS arrived in town in March of 2018 to regroup and take back Manhattan where they were driven out by Lupines. One of these Refugees, the new Prince Clyde Hudson, chose to take a different tact and seized on the opportunity to claim a domain for himself. In his words to his former peers, he saw a battle with Lupines to be short sighted and foolhardy with any victory coming at great personal and unnecessary cost of kindred lives. He supported his former Prince publically in his pending drive to push out the Lupines but in private conversation, wanted nothing to do with the inevitable counter assault that is sure to come from the Lupines and favored the Traditional Kindred response to Lupines which is to simply out live them.

  • Theme: Struggle for Control
  • Mood: Survival
  • Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade
  • Full Venue Style Sheet: [[1]].


Game Date & Location

2nd & 4th Saturdays
6:00pm checkin, 7pm gamestart

KSU Campus - Seaton Hall

Manhattan, KS 66506
$0 per game site fee or FREE for our games

Contact Information


The Court of Topeka
Prince Clyde Hudson
Seneschal Vacant
Keeper of Elysium vacant
Scourge vacant
Sheriff Brett Master
Deputy -
Deputy -
Primogen Brett Master
Primogen Vacant
Primogen vacant
Primogen vacant
Primogen vacant
Harpy vacant
Talon at the Left
Talon at the Right
The Independent Alliance of Topeka
Ambassador vacant
The Anarchs of Topeka
Ambassador vacant
The Autarks of Topeka
Ambassador Colyn O'Malley


Kindred are assumed to be of their Clans main Sect unless noted otherwise

Sons of Discord
Daughters of Cacophony
Gangrel Autark Colyn O'Malley
Toreador Brett Master
Follower of Set
Gargoyles Clyde Hudson

Publicly Accessible Documents

  • VSS Details [[2]]

Important Places

  • Kansas State Capital Complex
  • Topeka Zoo

Cities We Frequently Travel To

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