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During the Nights of Turmoil, the Sabbat lost all ground within San Antonio and its surrounding areas. In 2002, a Kindred gathering at the Spanish Governor’s Palace for the Camarilla, Giovanni, and Setites was attacked by the Anarch Baron named Roger Felton. Within an hour, all Elysia, and many Havens within the city, came under attack by both the Anarchs and Hunters. The Sabbat were caught completely off guard by this assault; many careless packs vanished in a puff of ash. Those that had hidden themselves well, were well organized, or just out of town at the time of the attack met at a rendezvous point, set up by the Bishop of War, in Uvalde, TX.

From 2002-2011, the Sabbat of Uvalde cleared out any Hunters that chased them in a clever “Box Canyon” style maneuver. In the aftermath, however, they found themselves surrounded by the escaping Kindred of San Antonio to their East, Infernal Werewolves to the South East, a rival faction of werewolves to the West/South West, and a previously undiscovered hive of Infernalists from Rio Frio to the North. The Sabbat of Uvalde were forced to fortify their position, as the overtaxed Dioceses of San Marcos or Houston could offer no support.

In 2012, The Chicago Blood Accord was signed, and the Sabbat of Uvalde found small comfort in knowing that the Camarilla would not be engaged in open warfare. Unfortunately, the north east border of Uvalde was controlled not by the Camarilla, but by the newly formed Independent Alliance, a group that seemed particularly adept at controlling their territory.

Now, in 2017, the Sabbat of Uvalde are fighting to maintain control of their city, holding desperately against the Infernal and Bestial forces that threaten the small group of survivors. Bishop Guillermo Monterrey, the former Bishop of War, is marshalling his forces to push all threats from the city and gather enough Cainites to finally make an assault on one of the enemies surrounding Uvalde. A single ambitious pack has managed to scout and secure a path of travel into Uvalde for other Sabbat, through the far South side of San Antonio, skirting the borders of the Werewolves that reside there. This has allowed a few reinforcements to enter into the city, and serves as an escape route to their neighbors.

The Bishop requires Warriors. The Lupines believe they are the most savage creatures on God’s earth. The Infernalists believe that their insidious corruption will overtake the cleansing fire of the Sword of Caine. The Camarilla believe that their truce has safely secured their precious Towers. The Call has been sent, to all that are yet alive to hear…

Prove. Them. Wrong.

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Storyteller: iVST Troll Sandoval

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