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VSS Boundaries: Greater Saint John Area, New Brunswick, Canada aDST/VST Name: Ness Klohn VST Email: Domain Code: CND-002

City Type: Mob War Theme - A Camarilla City: This type of city consists of mainly Camarilla characters, one of whom openly claims praxis, and a number of Anarchs and Independent Alliance characters. There are no characters who openly claim allegiance to the Sabbat in a Camarilla City. Openly unaligned characters may reside in a Camarilla City, but should be rare.

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: DPTOMs- NPC - Sabbat exist in Moncton, NB & Fredericton is where the Venue will take place (should a ST take the reigns) They are not currently making moves to take Saint John, Though that could change should it be seen as vulnerable. Sect Boundaries: (This should clearly define all the territory controlled by each active Sect on the VSS.) City will be divided into zones ( Zones Spreadsheet.& Zone Map.) PCs and some NPCs can select some zones to begin game. Zones can be acquired with use of influence etc.

“Real Power cannot be given, it has to be taken” - Michael Corleone, Godfather 3

Theme: Mob War for Control of Saint John. Mood: Uneasy cooperation versus superior force. Corporate CEO Vincent Sterling of Sunlight Oil Controls the majority of Saint John, through legitimate and illegitimate means. Uneasy alliances will be needed in this intense street war for this important port city. Antagonists: Monitoring SJ (Approvals Pending): Hunters: Paranormal Division of CSIS - Oromocto, NB Sabbat: Moncton, NB Wolves - St Andrews & Grand Mannan Corporate CEO(unknown) - SJ, NB Setting: BNS MET Vampire the Masquerade & BNS MET Werewolf the Apocalypse

“ Watch who you trust. Even your teeth bite your tongue now and then” Godfather Traditional Elements: These elements represent a qualitative assessment of the prominence of each within the venue as a whole. The ratings are scaled between one to five, with 1 meaning the element is never present, 3 meaning it's often present, and five meaning it's always present.

    Action (Combat and challenges): 3
    Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4
    Darkness (PC Corruption): 4
    Death (PC Death): 2
    Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 4 
    Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 5
    Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 5 
    Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4�

Camarilla Elysium: Cathedral of Immaculate Conception: Saint John, NB Location: Saint John, New Brunswick

City Timeline: Past - until 2000- City of Saint John has been held and fiercely defended by the Werewolves. 2000-2015 - Wolves are driven out of the city by a variety of stackable calamitous factors. 2016 - Saint John is taken over by CEO through legit and illegitimate means. They buy out Irving Companies, Bell Aliant Telecoms 2016 - Government cuts to funding in favor of national defence force NB Power to be sold as a public company. Saint John & NB Power including Pt LePreau Nuclear are purchased by CEO. 2017 - Kindred notice that CEO’s control and hold over the area is new. They seem to have spread themselves very thin over a large area. Camarilla - All Call from Elder Mary Silveira, Prioress, Clan Malkavian: Called to take Saint John and claim it for the Tower as a domain. Anarchs - Matthew Pance, of Clan Gangrel believes this to be a great staging point for the movement. A major port city known for communications! Let’s get our piece of the pie while we can, now is the time! Independent Alliance - Gabe Giovanni (NPC) & Sabella (NPC) believe the Garou would not have defended this place for so long without a reason. Alliance believes they could find what the Garou protected which could allow them to truly challenge the tower’s attempts at authority. Spring 2017 (Historical Game - June) The call is answered and while kindred from all 3 sects arrive in the city, it is claimed by the Camarilla, with discussions on territory commencing with the other two sects.

Storyteller Notes Degree of Combat: Low at First Depends on How well the masquerade is kept. Politics: YES! Deals will need to be brokered for everything from influences to territory. Both hostile and political takeovers will be encouraged. Masquerade: This will be imperative to not drawing attention of nearby antagonist factions. Backgrounds: Haven- Where you live and how well you are protected will be important Herd - Being well fed will also be important hunting will sometimes be difficult Influence - Will be IMPERATIVE in how you will maneuver in the city.

This Sheet will be updated as PC ACTION will likely alter the setting.

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