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Commonly Known

Name: House Saharat

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Blazon: Azure, a Chevron Tenne, a Raven Contourné Addorsed and Elevated Sable Armed Gules in Dexter Chief, A Griffen Segreant Sable Armed Gules in Sinister Chief, a Castle with Seven Towers Sable in Sinister Base

House Motto: Ab Intus Protegens Protection from Within

Known History

House Saharat came into existence in the late 11th century, with the embrace of the two leaders, Saharat and their childe, Meliora.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan

House Saharat, being descended from Goratrix through his childe, Therimna, are focused on policing House and Clan for disloyalty. They are known to produce Rogue Hunters, information gatherers, and social manipulators - all to serve the purpose to root out rogues and those members of House and Clan violating the Oath and Code.


"'Ab Intus Protegens' is more than just a House motto, childe. It is a way of life." - Meliora, to one of the younger members of House Saharat
"'Ένα γεράκι δεν θα ξεχωρίσω το μάτι του άλλου γεράκι. Πες μου, στην οικογένειά μας, που είναι τα γεράκια;" - Pascoal, to one of the younger members of House Saharat
"This is my legacy. Centuries of strict selection, cultivated to ensure that we are perfect. We are the nightmares of House and Clan, the guardians who come for those who would dare to act against the Pyramid."Saharat
"I am everywhere...we, are everywhere. By all means think that your plots against House and Clan will remain hidden as you fail to realize- even an urn cannot conceal secrets. Nothing will escape our notice."Saharat
"You may try to run, rogues. Flee like the traitorous coward that you are. Your fear of your fate, your arrogance in thinking you can escape will only prolong your suffering when we inevitably find you. My House is beyond mercy."Saharat
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  • Saharat and Meliora were both Goratrix's personal Apprentices - and after his betrayal, they were never the same.
  • House Saharat are ruthless rogue hunters, and if they deem a Tremere has gone rogue and violated Oath and Code, they will hunt them mercilessly.
  • House Saharat is actually a lineage of traitors - the supposed progenitor is actually an Assamite by the name of Sar-rat who has been posing as Saharat since the 1700's.
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House Lineage

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