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Information Known by the Kindred World

Name: House of Stroheim

Sect: Camarilla



On the far western side of Germany, in the district of Wesel, overlooking the Lower Rhine, sits Xanten, ancestral seat of House Stroheim. The city borders the city of Rees to the north, the city of Wesel to the east, the municipalities of Alpen and Sonsbeck to the south, and the cities of Uedem and Kalkar to the west.

We of House Stroheim claim our descent from Marcella of Naples, Childe of Mithras, Childe of Ventrue.

House Stroheim reigned as Kings of Old and New Prussia for almost a thousand years; and worked to make it the envy of the rest of Europe. We became synonymous with the Kingdom of Prussia. Our time as Kings has been tumultuous, but we are Stroheim and being Kings is in our blood. The House has withstood the onslaught and savagery of the Sabbat and have staved off attempts at destabilization from rivals, to the point that we have been recognized twice for our service to the Camarilla by the Justicars.

Let us be clear: it is neither luck nor favor that makes our House prosperous. There have been times in our history when some have considered thought us weak, lazy or opulent. When our would be rivals, the D'aramitz of House D'aramitz a pretentious French Toreador house, dared to rise against the Stroheim, they learned just how unified our house is, and just how sharp the Lion's claws really are. In the days following the formation of the Camarilla, the Fiends and traitorous members of other clans, rampaged throughout the land. I, Siegfried von Stroheim, personally led the assault on the Tzimisce and helped push them back to their forsaken lands. I made an example of them, to anyone of the Sabbat and anyone who doubts our might.

Today the white Lion of Stroheim is rightly admired and feared throughout the Sabbat and Camarilla alike. We stand as a shining example of exceptional leadership, exceptional dedication to family and exceptional duty to the Camarilla.



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