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Information Known by the Kindred World

Name: Axis Illusio

Sect: Camarilla / Anarch Movement



We have seen the greatest spirits consumed by divine madness, depraved naked hysterics, drug through the dark alleys of night for speaking angry truths to uncaring ears. Angel halos burning their brains seeking that primordial rapture to the cobweb of stars driving the lunatic engine across the sky.

In a poverty of tattered skin, empty eye sockets so high on smoking empty promises of supernatural deliverance with brains bared to the verifiable seraphim of doubt as lies drip drop to the depths of their sewer souls.

Hallucinated bliss washing over us as a new baptism of whispered obscenities pledging to give what cannot be obtained in flesh or after it, we dance as the world burns to the screaming jazz of terror and pain… the wings of Raphael embracing us as a lover.

For in this all we know… it was never here and shall never be the same.

What is the Axis Illusio? That is a good question, mad men and crazed women have claimed to be part of the lineage since the Renaissance, the truth of any one of them is hard to determine. What is known is that their secretive progenitor does not speak except in riddles, ciphers, and codes; and in the modern nights few can claim that they have met it in person.

What are they doing? Another excellent question, we will tell you when we know.

What the hell does any of this mean? Wrong question… meaning is an ephemeral and subjective thing. Asking what a thing means is like trying to answer which leaf on a tree is the most green, it is an impossible task (because what I see as green may not be the same as thee) and in the end an epic waste of time.



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Organizing Player: Mike Boaz

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Storyteller: Clint Hauser

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