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Information Known by the Kindred World

Lineage Name: Balamob

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Anarch Movement / Camarilla


The Jaguar seek to protect. In the night, when evil spirits lurk, the Balam (Jaguar) take their possitions. To protect the village, 4 Balam guard the 4 corners of the village. One Balam, the oldest and wisest, directs the guardians and warns them of the incoming attacks. The Mayan civilization, from where this myth originates, may have collapsed, but their duty lives on. The lineage of the Balamob have taken the mantle to defend mortals form creatures that stalk at night.



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OOC Information

Organizing Player: Steven Sandoval

Organizing Player's Email: systemfreq AT gmail DOT com

Storyteller: Bryan Poirier

Storyteller Email: Orange County Masquerade VST

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