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The House of the Once and Future God

Busokaris Family Tree

Info Known by Set's Chosen

Busokaris, or the House of Sokar has been an established Family dedicated to the resurrection of the Red Lord, Set, for over a millenia and a half. The Family is a familial lineage stretching back to its founder, Sokar who established the it after his embrace in 95 AD. The lineage is focused heavilly on personal freedom with an overall goal of achieving true immortality by raising Set and presenting him with knowledge of true immortality. It is said that, Sokar was literally conjured into existence through dark ritual and the impregnation of a devout priestess of Set. Visions and oracular abilities have factored heavily within the lineage ever since, as did an odd predisposition for a physical manifestation of the family's divine origins. This often became evident in the form of scales, ophidian eyes, or other odd variations that become present upon the embrace, or in some cases, even before.

Info Known only by Sokar's Chosen

The family follows a more traditional orthodox view of the Worship of Set, though the motivations for such worship are very individual, as with most Setites. Followers and inductees into the Family of Sokar are often chosen from the ranks of the Family's mortal worshipers who then undergo the Revelations until they are granted the Embrace and full indoctrination into the Family of Sokar. The Family teaches that the world, as seen by the unindoctrinated, is a farce and that it has, in fact, existed several times before in various incarnations. Sokar claims to have existed in various forms, sometimes achieving divinity, in many of these "turns of the celestial wheel". The Family actively seeks to uncover the similarities between these past incarnations of the universe in order to divine the future of this reality. The Family preaches that the rise of the Dark God Set, stands as an anchor between the various realities and that his rising again will bring on the full liberation of not only Sokar, but also his most devout familyists as well. All will be elevated once Set rises, once again, to anchor this reality to all others and Sokar knows more than most the nature of these realities and uses that knowledge to guide his, and his Family's actions toward that goal. Of course, this knowledge isn't granted to any but the most devout within his Family. Deceptions and well placed omissions of the truth must first be peeled away by any loyal supplicant in order to reveal these truths.

Info Known by Everyone Else

To the majority of Kindred and Cainite society, Sokar's brood are very much a wild card in the Jyhad. They could be members of nearly any sect, though Sokar, himself has joined the Independent Alliance with the Giovanni, seeing the advantages of close ties with the Necromancers towards the realization of his goals. The family, as is outwardly shown to the rest of vampiric society, is on the surface a proponent of debauchery and "illegal" actions of all kinds. The family is known to have fingers in just about every illegal and illicit activity one can imagine.

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

  • Sokar - Childe of The Sleeping Lord

Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation

Ninth Generation

Tenth Generation

  • Unknown *(Deceased) - Childe of TBA

Eleventh Generation

Twelfth Generation

Thirteenth Generation


It is Rumored that ...

Family Friends & Associates

  • Áed - Reliable Protector


OOC Information

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For ease of family meetings we've included a link to the family ceremonial temples * The modern,Temple of Busokaris and the Temple of the Kha Sokarum in Crete.

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