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Information Known by the Kindred World

Name: Children of Nephilim

Sect: Independent Alliance (mostly)

Clan: Followers of Set

Patron: The Sleeping Lord


Honored Dead:


  • The Children of Nephilim are Set’s priests and priestesses, temple guards and influencers in the human world. In general, many follow the Path of Ecstasy and are sorcerers and masters of the occult. Highly social, the Children of Nephilim entice new followers through pleasure and hedonism. Many of this lineage have complicated relationships with divinity - with a strong belief in apotheosis, it can be difficult to consider earthly concerns to be very important.
  • The primary temple for the Children is located in Houston, with daughter temples scattered across the country.


  • They have a werewolf guarding the temple in Houston.
  • While they are intensely protective of their own, they've been known to refuse to avenge stupidity.

OOC Information

Organizing Player: Kat R.

Organizing Player's Email:

Storyteller: Sudiptya Banerjee

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