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Name: Familia de Orbitate Degentibus
Sect: Camarilla, Anarch, Unaligned

Loneliness spiraling downward into madness; the fate of those Clan of the Moon cut adrift from family and fellows.
Bereft of those who understand how it feels to view the world differently from the one beside you - to know one's own personal truth.
Those who find themselves abandoned need not be alone. There are ones whose loyalty is not defined by blood. We are a new family. A new home.

Familia de Orbitate Degentibus - the Family of Orphans.


Ailis Cárthach

Albrecht Gerhardt von Schwaben
Zee de Ross

Mr. Smith

Melissa "Moonshine" Albrecht

Misha Sokolov
Thomas Gunn

Carmen Matters

Truly Lost

Rex Banning

Out of Character

Organizing Player: Rowan Keele-Hokanson - Email
Storyteller: Clint Hauser - Email

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