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"I would rather die of passion, than of boredom"
- Vincent Van Gogh


A blended house of lineage and wards of the line of Prince Aysel J. Scott, Des Moines, Iowa. No one knows how extensive the Family Scott was prior to 1999, however current state, the natural bloodline has been all but wiped out by interactions with the Sabbat, Hunters and the machinations around the Red Star and its Cults.

Commonly Known Information

  • The family are known to be Clan Toreador.
  • Everyone "Loves" Grace Scott. Everyone.
  • Passionate about Art and the Arts.
    • Do you like fancy Guns?

Rumors about the Family

  • Grace Scott is actually fictional, a common delusion shared by the family.
  • (Aeris is perfect.)
  • Due to the events of the Red Star, many of the family have been scattered across the US for the last 10-20 years. It is only lately that the family has been attempting to piece itself back into a coherent line.
  • The Family gathers in November to celebrate "Thanks-giving". It looks more like Christmas exploded in the Art Collective than very Thanksgiving-esq. (Fake snow included!)
  • There is more than one weaponsmith in the family.
  • Ghosts tremble at the speaking of the family name.
  • Some of them aren't even Toreador!

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Prince Aysel J. Scott

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