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Information Known by Kindred Society

Clan: Ventrue

Affiliation: Camarilla loyal

Common Traits: Lore Masters

General Background


A house built by the hands of a fisherman, but bright into the light on horseback. House Gunnvaldr will forever be known as a house of warrior kings. Military tacticians, strategists, masters of lore, and keeper of knowledge. One of the oldest houses to maintain a presence, the house provides a level of quiet watch over the tower and its members. However, they are not bringers of war. While at times some of its members have been accused of enjoying battle more than they should, they have never been the hand to call the battle. However, they will always be the hands that attempt to end it with a little damage as possible.

" There is no enemy greater than that of a friend who puts their knife at your back. You can always trust the lier, fo you know what he will say. Keep you wits about you with the honest friend." ~ Amalfrida


Lineage Roster


Luminary PoC: Bǫðríkr Gunnvaldr

Member: Steven Hudgins

Location: Columbus, Ga

Storyteller: Nicholas Dockery.

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