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House Flavius




Military strategists, Generals, Soldiers, Black Hand operatives


Lucius Vorenus from HBO's Rome
Titus Pullo from HBO's Rome
Jamie Lannister from HBO's Game of Thrones
Tywin Lannister from HBO's Game of Thrones
John Creasy from Man on Fire
Robert McCall from The Equalizer
Light of the Seven from HBO's Game of Thrones

Lineage Criteria

PC Sects/Factions: Sabbat (Camarilla may be accepted on a case by case basis)
Path: Humanity or Honourable Accord.
Skills: Academics 3+ (Military Strategy Spec), Brawl 3, Melee 3, Leadership 3
Special: May not join the Loyalist Faction
Merits: Code of Honor, Skill Aptitude: Brawl

Brief History

Pre 1000 AD

The Lasombra have been known to fill their ranks with experts and specialists[1]; specialists offering informed perspectives to help assist the ranks of Lasombra elders in making strategically wise decisions in the nights to come. The Sabbat requires tacticians and strategists, spies and saboteurs who show a willingness to pursue those careers beyond their mortal lifetime and the Lasombra seek them out.[2] Nahir[3] sought out Marcus Flavius Scipio while hostilities between Visigothic Foederati of Aquitania and the Western Roman Empire continued at the Battle of Narbonne.

1493: The Convention of Thorns and the Anarch Revolt

At the Convention of Thorns, the Inner Circle declared the Antediluvians to be creatures of myth. Prophecies and histories contained within the Book of Nod studied or espoused by Camarilla members resulted in execution.[4] Marcus Flavius Scipio, unwilling to compromise or acknowledge the authority of the Camarilla, joined the Sabbat. It was then that he realised that the Lasombra required more individuals like him: clandestine operatives, generals, murderers, soldiers and strategists. From the creation of the Sabbat, Marcus Flavius Scipio set about filling the ranks of the Sabbat with Lasombra like him.

1600s: The First Sabbat Civil War

"In the 1600s, discord within the sect sparked great controversy and reformation. The First Sabbat Civil War was fought between the Lasombra and Tzimisce clans, primarily focusing on resources, territory, and the right to rule the sect."

Modernity: Purchase Pact and the Code of Milan

"The first attempt to create sect law in the Sabbat was codified in a document titled the Purchase Pact. That treaty was signed in 1803, but its text stated that a sect member could be declared a traitor by “a duly recognized Bishop, Archbishop, or elder of the sect.” It was this terminology that set off the Second Sabbat Civil War. Cainites saw the Purchase Pact as an attempt to reverse Sabbat doctrine and restore the tyranny of elders, the very source of the Anarch Revolt."

"In 1933, the Sabbat convened another synod, this time in New York (a city the sect had managed to hold against the best efforts of the Camarilla). There, the Sabbat rededicated itself to freedom, unity, and the religion of Caine. Adherents to the Path of Honorable Accord within the sect had long espoused a return to code and law, championing their internal doctrine, a three-book text from the 11th century known as the Code of Milan."

"Even so, a Third Civil War broke out in 1957 — though, truly, this conflict was more of a failed coup. A powerful Brujah antitribu attempted to seize the Regent’s throne in order to revoke the Code of Milan. He failed, and the code was adopted throughout the sect."

Recent Nights

"The sect is unequipped for open war. Make no mistake, there is no love lost between Camarilla and the Sabbat. Old grudges burn, revengeminded vampires still wait for opportunities to strike, and nothing has been forgotten. The undead simply practice war more cautiously."


5th Generation: Nahir
6th Generation: Marcus Flavius Scipio
7th Generation: Your PC?
8th Generation: Your PC?
9th Generation: Your PC?
10th Generation: Your PC?

OOC Information

Organizing Player: L D


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