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Information Known by the Kindred World

We need not an art, Kindred existence is itself, a worthwhile goal. As a lineage of socialites and performance artists, we often contemplate the incomprehensible. We are a collection of Socialites and Degenerates. We seek art on the edges of madness, and genius on the edges of insanity.

Our Art

Our art is generally focused on performance. Some of us may dabble in painting or sculpture, but generally we don’t bother. There is an art to conversation, and some say our blood has it. One of our more common traits is decorum, and we understand that appearance creates reality. If you portray yourself as Strong, Knowledgeable, and Confident, who is to say you aren’t? A first impression has power, and our lineage understands this.

A few of us prefer to critique art of others, rather than reveal their own created works. Some Toreador are embraced as part of a fad, and are never again able to create true art. Our lineage has adopted such poor souls, as there is a beauty in hopelessness and destruction.


  • Elder Varangian has a love of all Toreador
  • Madness runs through this lineage
  • House Friday prides itself on decorum, and has been involved in peacekeeping between factions in the past.

Name: House Friday

Sect: Primarily Camarilla


OOC Information

Organizing Player: Lucas Shoesmith

Organizing Player's Email:

Storyteller: Gus Manning

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