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Founder: Liam Kincaid
Sect: Camarilla/Anarch
Clan: Tremere
Foundation: 1800's
Tremere Lore: House Kincaid is the youngest major House, and as a result has a very modern focus, and a need to prove itself. Their House Words are a reminder of that; Fortune Favors the Bold. They attempt to push Thaumaturgy to the edge, using technology and a variety of the sciences to create and improve rituals. They are also, curiously, one of the few Tremere Houses who have members in the Anarch Movement - another sign of their young age.



  • House was originally founded as a tribute to Louis Stafford
  • Liam Kincaid is the alternate identity of Louis Stafford
  • The Butler is a Lasombra Antitribu hiding from the Sabbat
  • Over half this lineage disappeared in 2017, but no members of the lineage acknowledge it
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Organizing Player: Chase Jennings
VST: Austin VST

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