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House Llenydiaethau
The Ilfyr

in libris sapientia

5th Gen: Necross
Lineage Head: Anadia Hughes
Clan: Malkavian

Lineage: House Llyenddiaethau


The Ilyfr are known to be lovers of books. That singular thread unites the lineage and is commonly assumed to be a requirement of any candidate for embrace. A number of the house members have extensive libraries or have endowed and supported libraries of note throughout the Western world.

The other quirk of note is the fact that all the house members from Anadia on share the same embrace date, November 25 - the Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria whom many Ilyfr regard as a patron and protector.

Timeline of Events
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Lies, Conjecture and a Grain of Truth

  • The Ilfyr have a black sheep branch of the line in the United States who turned Sabbat shortly after the Civil War. Naturally, they were disavowed and excised from all records.
  • More than one text which recent edicts now deem heretical are rumored to have been in the possession of this house. Rumored, but not proven. Of course, another thread of rumors are that anytime an Ilfyr comes into possession of such an item - it is swiftly dispatched to the hands of Necross.
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Allies to the House

  • The Ilfyr in Texas seem to favor members of clan Ventrue for local alliances. As to that being formalized, with any specific house - nothing is public knowledge.
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Lineage Head: Anadia Hughes

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