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Information Known by the Kindred World

Lineage Name: House Nova

Lineage Patron NPC: Marcella of Naples, Childe of Mithras, Autarkis

Clan: Ventrue

Sect: The Anarch Movement

Pecuniae imperare oportet, non servire - Syrus


Ribe Coat of Arms

Retainers: Daniel Whitehall


German Cartography: Ribe circa 1000CE

House Ribe: Pre Convention of Thorns
The city of Ribe, Denmark and the house that was its namesake were founded by Ansgär Svendsen circa 853CE. Ribe quickly became one of the most important trade cities in Scandinavia. It was no coincidence Ansgär maintained her as his seat. While other Danes were raiding, House Ribe was trading. Trade was the lifeblood of Ribe, city and house. House Ribe gained a reputation amongst Clan Ventrue for its ease of maritime shipment throughout Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. By early 1260CE, House Ribe was recognized as legitimate within the Ventrue Clan.

During the Anarch Revolt (1391-1493CE), House Ribe saw great profit from the revolutionaries. Ventrue Elder Hardestadt and Tremere Elder Meerlinda called together influential Elders of Europe, intending to create a shadow empire of mortal control. Prince Mithras of London rejected the suggestion, as did House Ribe, aware of the danger it presented to local control of territories and of the disruption to business. House Ribe teetered politically throughout the rest of the Revolt; straddling the line between neutrality and revolution. Not until the Convention of Thorns did the greater kindred society see a shift in the House.

House Ribe Compass: design circa 1260CE

House Ribe: Pillar of the Tower
House Ribe stood with Clan Ventrue and joined the Camarilla in 1493CE. For centuries, House Ribe remained a quiet presence, seldom involving itself with Camarilla politics, but remained active in Clan Ventrue politics.

For centuries, the Camarilla remained Euro-centric, building their Sect into a powerhouse of kindred influence. The Sabbat threatened the walls of the Tower, blitzing Europe in the later half of the sixteenth century. The discovery of the Americas in the sixteen hundreds distracted the Sabbat, drawing large numbers away from Europe to her colonies. With strength of numbers the Camarilla rebuilt its resources and returned to its devices. House Ribe grew weary of Sect political bickering and land grabbing in the wake of the Sabbat exodus. Ansgär saw the colonies as the future, no longer content with fighting over dwindling profits in a dried up well. In 1670CE, Ansgär moved the seat of House Ribe to Willemstad, Curaçao: jewel of the Dutch West India Company's colonies in the New World. It was there that Ansgär declared a series of edicts throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: the Beltane Edict of 1914CE, the Lughnasadh Edict of 1974CE, the Samhain Edict of 1995CE, and the Yule Edict of 2015CE. A change in House Ribe was on the horizon.

House Nova: Patron of the Movement
House Ribe withdrew en masse from the Camarilla and joined the Anarch Movement in the first quarter of 2016CE. Ansgär rebranded his lineage House Nova - a nod to new opportunities, ventures, and alliances. In 2017CE, to solidify his intentions, Ansgär moved the seat of House Nova to Savannah, Georgia, one of the largest ports on the eastern seaboard of the United States and known for her ease of access. House Nova hedged bets on this risk anticipating the reward.


House Nova: Notable Members
Ansgär Svendsen, patriarch, founded House Ribe as a merchant and shipping house. Danes of his age were branded uncivilized and violent. He thought differently from his contemporaries and garnered a strong reputation for successful and profitable trade. He fashioned his house much like he fashioned himself - driven, resourceful, and stalwart.

In 1047CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe his first childe, Gnut of Ribe, chosen from a line of loyal retainers. Gnut gallantly served House Ribe as an accounts manager known for his financial acumen and headway with Arabic/Scandinavian monetary exchange. He met Final Death defending Ribe during the Night of Ashes on 3 September 1580CE.

In 1152CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Svein Magnussen of Tønder, trade magnet from the south of Denmark. Svein maintained a large estate for House Ribe in his familial home of Tønder for two centuries, monitoring trade and travel between the Danes and the Bavarians. He met Final Death to the mortal hunter inquisition in Prague, Czech Republic in 1346CE.

In 1224CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Svetlana Czernin of Chudenice, childe of Svein of Tønder. Her sprezzatura for public relations and her ruthlessly efficient portfolio acquisitions afforded her prestige within the house and without. She currently sits on Ansgär's right as House Nova heir apparent.

In 1301CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Malik of Amasra, childe of Svein of Tønder. The Turkish trader garnered fame for ease of exotic goods procurement and dispersal to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. He met Final Death to the mortal hunter inquisition in Prague, Czech Republic in 1346CE.

In 1527CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Pieter Solodovnikov of Prague, childe of Svetlana Czernin. He made his fortune on silver and ale, but is known for his martial prowess and for favoring the old days when power meant physical strength. He currently sits Ansgär's left.

In 1653CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Valeera Aydemir of Constanța, childe of Pieter Solodovnikov. She inherited a ports empire in Ottoman controlled Romania and subscribes to the philosophy that power is derived from physical prowess and financial success. She is currently in the retinue of Svetlana Czernin.

In 1753CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Serghei Costin of Constanța, childe of Valeera Aydemir. The Romanian trader garnered a reputation for illicit trade throughout the Ottoman Empire and, later, the Dutch West India Company colonies. He was last seen in 2010CE in Willemstad, Curaçao - current whereabouts known.

In 1820CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Regina Quinn of London, captain and privateer. Retired from the maritime ventures that built her name, Regina focused on a bustling service enterprise and provided culinary oddities for the discerning palate. Regina met Final Death at the hands of a werewolf pack, during the Battle of the Bronx - a defense of Anarch Movement territory from a rogue Sabbat incursion.

In 1895CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Magnus Windhaven, childe of Svetlana Czernin and shipping mogul between the ABC Islands and the Dutch mainland. He met Final Death in 1974CE after a brief encounter with a Lasombra from the Americas.

In 1920,CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe James Parcell, investigator and loyal soldier destined for Knighthood.

In 1930CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe Patrick O'Keefe whose business ventures are not for discussing in public.

In 1974CE, Ansgär took into House Ribe the triplets Evangeline, Blake, and Leopold Whitehall: tech moguls, investors, and savvy business leaders. They are known for their most successful venture Trinity Tech and are famous throughout the Anarch Movement as a Moniker of the same name.


(Rumors, Lies, Truths, Whispers? - Feel Free to Add)

  • Hardestadt the Elder pushed for the recognition of House Nova within Clan Ventrue.
  • House Nova entered the Camarilla under a debt of prestation or a pledge of fealty or both.
  • The death of Hardestadt weighed heavily on House Nova.
  • Jan Pieterzoon was an enemy of House Nova until his untimely death.
  • The death of Pieterzoon was a catalyst of change within House Nova.
  • House Nova is suspected to have had a hand in the death of Hardestadt and Pieterzoon.
  • House Nova funded the Bolshevik Revolution.
  • House Nova is confident in modern nights, perhaps due to the new allies it has acquired.
  • House Nova is a staunch ally of the Liberty Guard.

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