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House Pythia


The Lasombra guide - and, when necessary, whip - the Sabbat into an implacable force. Turning their backs upon the humans they once were, Lasombra give themselves wholly over to the dark majesty of the Embrace.In contrast to the Tzimisce, Lasombra generally seek not to reject all things mortal, but to shape, them for their own use. House Pythia follows this philosophy, presenting itself as the more mystical and manipulative face of clan Lasombra. While some Lasombra are the dark and monstrous kings of the night, those of House Pythia pull strings from the shadows, delve into the mysteries of the Abyss, and gather occult knowledge to further shape the destinies of those around us.

We are the power behind the throne, the implacable leader, the occultist dripping in darkness.

We keep our eyes and ears open and use our extensive knowledge and connections to gather information, secrets, and advantages for ourselves and Clan Lasombra. The best way to move our goals forward is to gain knowledge and power over the enemy.






Abyss Mystics, Loremasters, Oracles, Advisors

Lineage Criteria

PC Sects/Factions: Sabbat (Unaligned or Anarchs may be accepted on a case by case basis)
Path: Humanity, Path of Power and the Inner Voice, or Path of Night(Lightless Path of Night is favored).
Skills: 3 points between Occult and Lore
Special: May not start out as a member of the Loyalist Faction
Merits: Walk the Abyss, Loremaster, or Angelic Visage


5th Generation: Mysancta
6th Generation: Astraea
7th Generation: Rafael de Lara
8th Generation: Thomas "Gevurah" Sloane
9th Generation: Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora
7th Generation: Erebus
8th Generation: Sebastian Solano (NPC)
9th Generation: Senna Solano
10th Generation: Alexander King (NPC)
11th Generation: Montana Solano
8th Generation: Aditi Banerjee(Deceased)
9th Generation: Timothy Holt
9th Generation: Seth Clay
9th Generation: Kelly Pythia (Deceased)
10th Generation: Salomé Rousseau (Deceased)
10th Generation: Rafael
11th Generation: Grace Peterson
10th Generation: Nicoline Bonvillain (Deceased)
11th Generation: Madeline LaRocca
11th Generation: Todd Hanweir
11th Generation: Aimi
12th Generation: Thomas
10th Generation: Sebastian Caffery
11th Generation: Xander York
11th Generation: Mordechai
11th Generation: Quincy Diego Lopez III
11th Generation: Skia


The Bene Gesserit from Dune
Quaithe from A Song of Ice and Fire
Eyes Wide Shut
Mother Talzin from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic
Lords of Waterdeep from Forgotten Realms
Netheril from Forgotten Realms
Dangerous by Son Lux
Stabat Mater by Woodkid
REV 22:20 by Puscifer
Real Life
The Oracles of Delphi

OOC Information

Organizing Player: Jeanne Ingram

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