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La Familia Michoacána
Clans: Giovanni & Followers of Set
Origin: 20th Century Mexico
Sect: Independent Alliance

Lo más importante en esta vida es la familia...

La Familia Michoacána is a Mexican cartel currently based out of San Diego. The cartel got its start in Michoacán in the early 80's when the Teotl siblings wanted to create a safe network to survive in Sabbat lands. Since its inception the cartel has grown more into an actual family environment between those who have joined its ranks.

The family environment gets its foundation from the Giovanni clan, but the religious bond between the members is influenced by the Followers of Set. Yes this is a mixed cartel of both clans, which is somewhat unique for the Independent Alliance who are still trying to figure out their roles in the new faction. Open to the excitement of new blood within their ranks, the cartel will accept almost anyone who supports the Independent Alliance so long as they abide by the customs and traditions of the cartel. Sooner or later the Independent Alliance will open its doors to other clans and the Cartel will be the first to openly accept those not of Giovanni or Setite blood.

The cartel prides themselves on getting what people need. You need a gun, they have the type and caliber. You need domain, they can drop a bomb of influence to help you secure it. You need a pick me up for a fight, they have drugs that will boost your fighting skills. You need to know about some rare artifact, they have the lores to know it all and maybe even get the item in your hand. Really there isn't much this cartel can't get their hands on for you, if you don't believe me then check out the reviews below.

While the cartel is fiercely loyal to the Independent Alliance, they open their doors to do business with any faction. Camarilla and Anarch members all throughout Southern California have benefitted from the aid of the cartel. Really, if you could benefit from making these guys your friends why haven't you done so already? Just don't make the mistake of making them your enemy!

Time Line

1982 - The cartel was founded in Michoacán, Mexico by Sebastian and Marina Teotl.

1993 - The cartel started importing cocaine from Columbia in an effort to double their income.

1999 - The Sabbat started making life hard for the cartel.

2001 - War broke out between La Familia and Los Zetas. This started a bitter feud between both cartels.

2006 - The cartel moved its base of operation to San Diego with the growing threats from the Sabbat.

2011 - The cartel joins the Independent Alliance and becomes the first mixed clan coterie of the IA.

2012 - The cartel is recognized by Doyen Xolotl of San Diego as an asset to the Independent Alliance.

2013 - Guns become the cartel's primary product.

Present - The cartel currently has operatives in San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino and Los Angeles.

Cartel Position Name Clan Clan Position IA Position Year Joined Player Name
Don Sebastian Teotl Pisanob Giovanni Don of San Diego Doyen of San Diego Founder Johny Browne
Doña Marina Teotl Pisanob Giovanni Founder Dalia Sánchez
Patrón Julius Kern Follower of Set Founder Jonathan Nunley
Eli Pisanob Giovanni Capo of San Diego Varago of San Diego Founder Travis Gruhot
Sabrina Pisanob Giovanni 1987 Alee-Mae Whitehead
SooMin Kim Follower of Set 1998 Lauren Welch
Dominica Follower of Set 2002 Nikki Purcell
Serafina Pisanob Giovanni 1999 Jessica Hartung
Kon Coatl Giovanni 2016 Casey Jenkins
Patrón Anastasia Giovanni Giovanni Varago of Los Angeles 2017 Kya Harris
Aden (ah-Deen) Giovanni Hatchet of San Diego 2017 Trevor Gruhot
Rosa Giovanni Giovanni 2017 Kelly Swiatkowski
Pilar Pisanob Giovanni 2017 Sarah Perry
Merc Pisanob Giovanni 2017 Chris Deloge

Business Dealings

Services Offered

  • Specialized Gear Acquisition (Bullet proof vest, camo netting, riot shield...)
  • Weapons Acquisition (Firearms and Melee weapons)
  • Fake documentation (Passports, IDs, Resident Cards, Marriage License, Birth Certificates...)
  • Drugs (have an addiction, let us supply you)
  • Drug Enhancers (boost your combat Abilities)
  • Trafficking (Traffic people or items)
  • Influence Support (Need help influentially we can boost your progress)
  • Discipline Training (Looking for some help with a discipline, contact us and we will get you a teacher)
  • Family Relations (Need to talk to a dead person, we can connect you to the other side)
  • Lores (Our Loremasters are top notch)
  • If you need a service you don't see on this list then contact us and we will see how we can provide.


  • Boons
  • Status
  • Domain
  • Influence Loans
  • Discipline Teachings

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OOC Information

Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Kareem Gabriel Fortes
Email: San Diego C/A VST
Domain Coordinator: Joseph Carl White
Email: San Diego DC

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