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Information Known by the Kindred World

Name: La Maison des Rossignols

Sect: Primarily Camarilla


Madeleine Tonnerre (Matriarch)

In service:


La Maison des Rossignols formed as Madeleine Tonnerre sought to educated her childe, Anastasia, on where she had herself come from. Madeleine's childhood and Accounting under Amyntas gave her a strong sense of family, which turned out to be a rarity among the Sirens. The lineage is small, but still keeps in touch.


  • La Maison des Rossignols harbors a few Anarchs, but all of them have spent some time in the Camarilla.
  • According to public record, Evelyn was killed by Sabbat... or was she killed because she wanted to JOIN the Sabbat?
  • Vex Vandal recently acquired a new ghoul when a much-cherished appendage was bitten off in flagrante delicto.
  • Doris Ashview was scapegoated by the Prince of Columbus because the Sanctuary Gang wanted revenge for Doris throwing them under the bus.
  • Dre Son was loud and obnoxious enough to get the vast majority of the charges levied against his sire dismissed.
  • Ziva Vicious will not remain a ghoul for long...

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