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 As is known to most that have researched the subject, Saint Patrick never actually drove any snakes from Ireland.  Instead, it is thought that the entire story was metaphorical, meant to symbolize the driving out of pagans and their influence in the wake of the new Catholic Church.
And so it was with the one who in modern times came to be known as “Gramps”. Sometime in the 5th century, he hastily emigrated from Ireland to the mainland of Europe. Finding both his beliefs and his people no longer welcome, he searched for a new home, a new people.
It is not known for sure what happened to Gramps in his wanderings, but what is certain is when he returned, he was a Follower of Set.
For centuries after his return he worked his craft, corrupting and remaking as many as possible in Set’s image. As the years went by though, he realized he began to lose touch. And so he singled out two humans, and passed on Set’s gift to them. One, Ysrael, took to the darkness quickly, and wandered off into the night. The depths he reached have become legendary, and the truth of him is obscured as is the norm of the blood of Set.
One, began the line in earnest.
Siofra was the one who took a looser interpretation of her Sire’s teachings, and from her sprang one, and then another childer. Skilled in sorcery and subterfuge, it was never enough for her Sire, and so down the centuries again and again the seed spread, and suffering wrapped in silk continued to bind and free at the same time.
After the Red Star rose, the Póg an Nathair thought surely Set was near…..and as the time of troubles faded the line was one of the few equipped to deal with the aftermath.
We are despair.
We are the lie that becomes the truth.
Your beliefs are false, your purpose is a noose, the end is the end or it is nothing at all.
We are the sugar-crusted scalpel that slices away the chains that bind, in Set.
We are the Póg an Nathair

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