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Information Known by the Kindred World


Name: House Schola

What is said

A House of Scholars, House Schola are known for intellect, charm and philosopy across the Sabbat, Anarchs and Unaligned.

Sect: Varied

5th Gen: Markel de Vasquez Itzal

PC Members:

NPC Members: NOTE: Listed for purposes of creating ties only

Current Gallery


NOTE: NPC characters listed for purposes of creating ties only

  • Solano - NPC and Deceased (Deceased prior to Anarch Revolt and Sect Formation) Embraced 7th Gen, diablerized to 6th
  • Father Emory Fletcher - NPC 9th Gen
  • Salvatore - NPC [Adopted] Anarch Movement 7th Gen
  • NPC 7th Gen
  • NPC 8th Gen
  • NPC 10th Gen

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