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Hear, See and Keep Silent


Founder: Unknown

Synopsis: The so-called Blood of Whispers is a lineage of Nosferatu informally founded by the 6th Generation elder Ramon Miranda De La Benedicion. Styling themselves as peerless intelligence gatherers and information sources, many members have become premiere spymasters, covert agents, or underworld snitches in Kindred domains across the world. The Susurro excel at unearthing all manner of secrets not just by their own clan talents but also by the trading of favours and boons. When it comes to clan matters, lineage members skew towards the almost stereotypical image of the Nosferatu at the centre of an information web. Though less interested in matters related to the building of warrens, the lineage is reputed to guard their underground lairs with almost obsessive fervor.

With their focus on the gaining, and using, information these twisted and shadowy investigators, spies, and consultants don’t shy away from intrigues in Court. But rumors and gossip are not their stock and trade. Hard, practical intelligence is of the most use to this lineage. Because of the often sensitive nature of the information they handle, and the danger of discovery that goes with it, Susurro are suspicious of any and all outside their lineage. They are unlikely to take anything anyone says at face value, and some even require an individual prove his or her trustworthiness again and again.

Calling to mind the spider sitting at the heart of a web, the blood of the Susurro often manifests the Auspex discipline as a means to gather further secrets. The Elders of the lineage often teach the descendents of this lineage the historical importance Obfuscate. Some of the Elders have even gone so far as to refer to it as “the Gift of Caine”. They maintain their true purpose is to monitor the other clans thereby casting the Nosferatu as the secret ‘watchers’ of all other clans. Given their focus on the signature discipline, it’s little surprise that the Susurro also manifest other clan boons allowing even greater abilities to go unseen. Many in the clan have noticed that the philosophies of the Susurro in current nights echo that of the current Nosferatu Justicar Stanford Warwick. That said, the lineage is deeply divided on the issue of the Justicar’s seeming betrayal of clan solidarity. Some have come out in favour of it. Others reject it and the authority of the Justicar. Still others take no stance and continue to watch.

The long watches of the Susurro have taken their toll in other bizarre ways. Sometimes they bring an eerie chill of the underground with them while others manifest a strange inability to speak truths above a whisper. Why these lineage banes manifest is a mystery. Some clan loremasters speculate the Susurro have had past dealings with the Necromancers or even the Fae come back to haunt themr. What is certain is that all Susurro take a vested interest in garnering information of all kinds; always ensuring someone in his lineage is available with some effort to share intelligence. Conversely, every Susurro has uncovered information that can’t be shared publicly either because it can’t be confirmed or because it would place a target squarely on every member of the lineage. But that’s the price of knowing too many secrets.

Lineage Sire: Androvikus

Sect: Camarilla

Physical Description: Androvikus’s true appearance is never seen, hidden by black robes and a plain white mask. His face is rumored to be nothing but teeth and eyes.

Brief History: Androvikus is believed to have been embraced in Herodium. During the Long Night and the War of the Princes, Androvikus encouraged his childer and his clan to look to one another in solitary. A logician and scholar of reason, he felt the High Clans would abuse their position and that the only way for the Nosferatu to secure their power was to ensure that any attack on one Nosferatu was an attack on them all. Androvikus is reported to have great deal of knowledge of the Nictuku and believes their status as monsters to be only fairy tales told by other Elders to scare their childer into submission. Stories are told that in Antiquity he was killed by a Nictuku’s poison, only for him to resurface again in the 800s. After the Treaty of Tyre, Androvikus disappeared and was not heard from again until the Red Star appeared in the sky. Androvikus’s behavior since returning implies that the circumstances of his awakening were unexpected and unwelcome. The Androvikus that walks in recent nights is drastically different from the reasonable, restrained logician who argued for solidarity among his clan. He now speaks of blood, vengeance and a “betrayal beyond words”; his beast stirs within him. Many suspect the root of this change is an echo of the betrayal by the Nosferatu Stanford Warwick who violated the solidarity of the Clan at the behest of Imperator Karsh of the Camarilla. Ramon Miranda, like all Childer of Androvikus, was once a strong proponent of Clan solidarity, regardless of Sect. However, he seems to have publicly gone silent on the issue ever since the betrayal of Warwick during the Nights of Turmoil. The rest of the Susurro have largely followed suit although the lineage is populated by members of both the Status Quo and Conservative factions.

Descendents of Androvikus


  • Androvikus (5th Gen)

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