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Anarch Movement

"Deyr fé,

deyja frændr,
deyr sjálfr et sama;
ek veit einn,
at aldri deyr:

dómr um dauðan hvern."

Clan Brujah

The Valorborn


The Valorborn have no history as such. The line began with Erling Valrbjørn, the last of the Jómsvikings, and was originally called, simply, the line of Valrbjørn. This was later anglicized to "the line of Valorborn", and eventually just: the Valorborn.

Each of Valrbjørn's descendants shares certain traits. They were all rebels of some sort in their mortal lives, railing against laws they refused to obey. They were all warriors or adventurers, feared or admired for their prowess and daring. And each, without exception, was only embraced upon the eve of their certain death, snatched away from the executioner's axe or the hangman's noose, while some other wretched soul was left to die in their place.

In general, the Valorborn do not have a unifying philosophy, though there are several lessons Valrbjørn imparted to his first Childe, which have echoed through the bloodline. The primary lesson is this: nothing is freely given, but is instead purchased with blood. It is struggle which lends value to victory. Those who become accustomed to ease are doomed to die in their beds. And nothing could be more shameful.

Likewise, the Valorborn as a lineage do not have strong Secular loyalties, though individuals may differ. Like any other empire, vampiric governments rise and fall, and while one might pretend towards enlightenment while the other revels in cruelty, all are, at their core, equal in their self-interest and villainy. That being said, each member of the lineage will instantly support their fellows should any conflict arise, Sect be damned.


The Norseman - Valrbjørn

The last of the Jómsvikings, doomed to never join his people, or feast in the Halls of his Father's Fathers amongst the victorious dead.

The Knight - The Knight

A noble soul whose sword sang for chivalry and justice. But when he ran afoul his more politically astute rivals, he was condemned to burn for heresy.

The Pirate - James Blackburne

Born into gentility, she rejected her class and concealed her gender, reeving and raiding until she was finally captured by the British Navy.

The Patriot - The Patriot

With musket and hatchet, she fought for freedom behind British lines, before being caught and condemned to hang as a spy. (NPC)

The Gunfighter - Robert Arlington

A lean desperado who followed his own path, Arlington went to the hangman's scaffold wearing the star of the Texas Ranger he'd gunned down in cold blood.

The Gangster - Mickey Oleary

Hired muscle for the Irish Mob, Mick carved a brutal swath through the ranks of the opposing gangs, until the day when the law finally caught up with him in a hailstorm of bullets.

The Racer - The Racer

She's probably pretty awesome too.

Anarch Movement

"Cattle die,

kinsmen die
you shall die;
I know one thing
which never dies:

the glory earned in death."

Clan Brujah

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