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Name: Valravn

Sect: Unaligned/Anarch

Player Characters:


"The Valravn trace their lineage back to the first vampire in Einherjar history. This being's name is Canarl, who was embraced through the blood of the All-Father. From him, generations of kindred including that of the embodiment of Odin himself, were embraced for a singular purpose. War. War being the engine of progress for humanity, in turn preparing the world for the inevitable fight against the spawn of Loki."

"The lineage itself is said to have brought about the myth of the Valravn, hence the name. These beings were part raven, part wolf and part warrior, and it couldn't be more correct. These kindred in antiquity served the All-High with a fanatic fervor. In modern times however, they have lost their living god, and now wander Midgard, trying desperately to bring back the ways of the Einherjar and prepare for the coming of Ragnarok."


Valravn does not support a masquerade and wish to see it abolished.
Valravn are accomplished Garou hunters, it is believed the fur they wear is that of the Fera.
Valravn are a cult for humanity looking to be the dominate force against the coming of Gehenna.


Organizing Player: Zack Kondracki

Organizing Player's Email:

Storyteller: Buck Crutchfield

Storyteller Email:

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