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Information Known by the Kindred Society

Name: da Canali

da Canali Coat of Arms

Clan: Giovanni
Motto: Fide, obedientia et unitatis
Patron: Niccolờ Giovanni
Base City: Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Dearly Departed:

  • Agnesina Galiana da Canali Giovanni – 1310 to 1445
  • Stella Fairuza da Canali Giovanni – 1790 to 2006
  • Theodore Alexander Millner Giovanni Sr. – 1950 to 2006
  • Federigo Emeliano Giovanni


Their name was a derogatory term from the Venetian family after the Cappadocian purge meaning from the canals. The moniker was a symbol of pride and a reminder to the lineage that their continued existence is based on their usefulness and unity.

  • In 1670, the lineage based their operations in Nice, France
  • Given the continuing warring in the region, the lineage begins relocating to the New World in the 1790s.
  • The majority of the lineage was killed on April 4th in 2006 by a Sabbat crusade.


This lineage are dedicated relic hunters, body guards, repo men, scholars, antiquarians, and adventurers. They search for items and lore to help the Family gain an edge. The main cornerstones of the lineage are loyalty and unity. We highlight and support the neonates and ancillae as they are the main adventurers and relic hunters.


  • The lineage carries a curse to forever attempt to uncover objects of their desires but would never be satiated.
  • They are said to routinely curse objects of beauty and bind creatures of horror to the art.
  • Each member has a chosen haunt that follows them to confirm their identity.
  • Continues their dedication to the purge actively seeking the destruction of the Infitiores

OOC Information

Organizing Player: Justin Merrell

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Storyteller: Kaci St. Romain

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