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In the same way that the Sabbat and the Camarilla were birthed in response to the Anarch Movement, the Independent Alliance (IA) was also spawned from the necessity for survival. Founded less than a decade ago, the IA is the youngest of the Sects with membership consisting of the Giovanni and Followers of Set. Since its creation the IA has carved a niche for itself in the World of Darkness as black market dealers, purveyors of rare goods and providers of secure locations to conduct the questionable business of the night. Bound together by necessity, only time will tell what truly motivates these unlikely bedfellows.

For more information please refer to the Alliance Sect Guide
The Alliance Codex can be accessed here Codex

The Shepherds of the Dead are NPCs under the control of the MES NST's Office.
The Janus Guard are NPCs under the control of MES NST’s Office, but assigned to regional staff.

Your Independent Alliance AANSTs can be reached at the following email

Shepherds of the Dead

Controllers of the Codex

The Curare

Followers of Set


The Grand High Priest


Emissary and High Priest(ess)

Inactive Heirophants




Padrone and Padrona

Janus Guard

Eastern United States (NE, EC, SE)

Central United States (GL, SC, NC)

Western United States (SW, NW)

The Caribbean (MES Virtual)

Canada (C@M)

The United Kingdom (WTG)

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