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MES National Office Lineage NPCs
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The Lineage Project is designed to provide the players of the 6th Generation PCs and the players who portray their descendants with a direct tie to the backstory of the Chronicle while connecting them to the National Plot. Please note, however, that the Lineage Project is not the only vehicle through which National Plot will be distributed. This document sets forth the scope of the Lineage Project and the storyteller expectations for its role in the Time of Reckoning chronicle. It is important to note that some of these NPCs are from previously published source material and some were created by the MES NST Staff to fulfill needed roles. Players should not assume that NPCs taken from published source material are identical to what was presented in that material. Their backgrounds, personalities, etc., may be changed to suit the needs of this chronicle. Anything found in this document supersedes any reference to it in any unsanctioned source material.
About the 5th Gens:

  • The 5th Generation NPCs will have a set of agendas, allies, enemies, etc. and use the PCs tied to them to pursue their Jyhad. PCs will not automatically be privy to these motives.
  • If the character’s 5th Generation NPC Patron is killed, the 6th Generation PC will have 30 days to select a new 5th Generation Patron to swear fealty to. Alternatively, a 5th Generation Patron may select an unsworn 6th Generation PC preemptively. The ANST staff will notify the players involved if their PC’s Patron perishes.


  • For participating in the Lineage Project, each POC can expect to have a meaningful exchange with their 5th Generation NPC Patron at least twice a year. This contact may be face-to-face, via a missive exchange, or through some other form of two-way communication.
  • Players will not regularly communicate with their 5th Generation Patron, and should only expect to receive one-way directives when necessary. Characters will send information to their 5th Generation Patron with the understanding that most of the time they will receive no response.
  • All communication between the POC and the 5th Generation NPC will come from the ANST Masquerade or the ANST’s Project Lead for the Lineage Project. That Project Lead is responsible for tracking the tasks, results, and the progress of the Jyhad, as well as providing new assignments.

For more information on the lineage project please consult Lineage Project


Sorcerer Bloodline

Vizier Bloodline

Warrior Bloodline


Angellis Ater Bloodline


True Brujah Bloodline


Lamia Bloodline

Samedi Bloodline

Followers of Set

Viper Bloodline

Tlacique Bloodline


Ahrimanes Bloodline

Noiad Bloodline

Coyote Bloodline



Kiasyd Bloodline


Ananke Bloodline



Brahman Bloodline


Healer Bloodline

Warrior Bloodline


Ishtarri Bloodline


Telyav Bloodline


Carpathian Bloodline


Crusader Bloodline

Daughter of Cacophony