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MES Camarilla PCs
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The Camarilla, ostensibly still the most powerful vampiric Sect in existence, is struggling to come to terms with the rise of The Independent Alliance and the swelling ranks of a much renewed Anarch Movement. The stability provided by the terms of the Chicago Blood Accord has led to the resumption of ancient feuds between the Patrician and non-Patrician Clans of the Ivory tower that threatens to ignite open warfare at any moment, potentially tearing the Sect apart. Camarilla PCs in The Time of Reckoning Chronicle are expected to live this struggle. During the course of this Chronicle, it is the PCs that will decide the fate of the Sect. Whether the Camarilla renews the Chicago Blood Accord in 2019 CE, offers new terms, or abandons it altogether, is ultimately their decision.

For more information please refer to the Sect Guide

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